Yackey Outdoor Living & Bathroom

Falls Creek

Screened Porch & Master Bathroom - “Relaxing Retreat”

The existing bathtub took up a lot of space and was never used. The shower felt a little cramped and claustrophobic and the toilet wasn’t closed off from the rest of the bathroom. When it came to storage, our client hated all the stuff out on the countertop and the vanity was short. They had always wanted a more spa-like feel as opposed to the original 1990 bathroom that was original to the house.

The back deck was dangerous to be on. You could tell that the support posts that were installed in fill dirt from when the house was originally built were settling quite a bit making the joist system pull away from the house. Besides it being dangerous, the sun would just bake you in the afternoon making the space unusable.

Many people with screen porches in the past complained of pollen coming off the trees making all the furniture perpetually dirty throughout the year. This outdoor oasis was surrounded by trees and an EZE Breeze System was installed which allows for great airflow but still protection from the bugs but also be closed up and safe from all the pollen when not in use. It also allows for the space to be used in the cooled months with the assistance of a portable heater.

Composite decking and aluminum railings mean that maintenance will be at a minimum going forward, They also provide a sophisticated feel for this outdoor family room.


Master Bathroom and Outdoor Living Space


Master Bath 2019 & Screened Porch 2020