Whole-Home Remodeling vs. Room-by-Room Remodeling

Whole-home remodeling is often recommended by interior designers over room-by-room renovations. When you want to refresh the look of your entire house, this gives your home a cohesive design. It will improve the value of your home and develop a style and design that fits your needs. A whole-house remodel can be done when you are building a home, buying a new home, or in retirement. Whole-home remodeling can be a good choice for homeowners when they need a complete design change. Room-by-room remodeling fits consumers who want a new modern kitchen, upgraded basement, in-law apartment, luxury bathroom, or other rooms remodeled. We have designers who can assist you with whatever you choose: whole-home remodeling or room-by-room remodeling.

Whole-Home Remodeling

One of the benefits of whole-home remodeling is working with a designer to develop a cohesive design plan. The colors, textures, furniture, art, and style will be in harmony throughout the house. Materials that are hard to get can be ordered ahead of time. We can design a complete whole-home remodeling plan and implement it room by room on your preferred schedule. It will save you time and the frustration of remodeling over a long period of time. Our agency can find all the contractors you need to do a comprehensive complete job for remodeling your entire home. We can remodel one room at a time to relieve the stress of having multiple rooms worked on at once.

A whole-home remodel includes cleanup costs, electrical, plumbing, painters, appliances, and decorators. You can choose to renovate two or three rooms at a time. If you have the money to move out or stay with your family during a home remodel, this may relieve the stress of living there during the renovation. If this does not affect your lifestyle, it is a good choice. When you live in a condo, you will have to get approval from the condo board for whole-home renovation.

Room-by-Room Remodeling

When you want a new kitchen or other rooms designed and remodeled, a room-by-room remodel may be the way to go. Adding on a new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, basement, or in-law apartment can be accomplished one room at a time. It will create more space and an eco-friendly environment. Adding on additional rooms is less costly than moving away. It can give you more room to entertain family and friends. You can add a family room, remodel the basement, or add on a special room for entertainment and hobbies. It will add a modern look and design to your living space. Popular rooms to remodel are the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and living rooms.

When deciding between whole home remodeling or room by room remodeling, discuss your choices with a professional design firm to determine which one works best for you.