Which Rooms Should You Renovate First?

When you start to plan a renovation for your home in Louisville, it’s important to think about which rooms you want to start with. With help from a design-build firm, you can ensure you get exactly what you need from your whole home remodeling project. From the basement to the kitchen, there are a lot of rooms you can elevate. We’ve compiled a list of the rooms you should consider renovating in the coming months.


Turn your primary bathroom into an oasis that you can relax in after a long day of work. By adding a frameless glass shower, brand-new windows, larger mirrors, smart storage, and more, this room will transform into a dream you didn’t even know you had. With so many options for remodeling and turning this space into your own private spa, it will become your new favorite room. Almost 70% of homeowners plan to do a complete remodel of their bathroom, according to KBB. Add to this statistic by planning a bathroom renovation project today!


Don’t let your basement be used for storage space or just a laundry room. Make it the perfect place for your family to hang out, and increase the value of your home at the same time! Whether you need to get your basement finished or you’re looking to make it more modern, Kentucky design-build contractors can ensure your dream becomes a reality. Make a home gym or an entertainment space in this unused part of your home.


Don’t forget the heart of the home when planning your whole home remodeling project. From simple changes, such as the paint and new cabinetry, to larger changes, such as a brand-new layout and new appliances, you can get the kitchen you’ve been desiring. Make it a chef’s paradise or an entertainer’s dream. No matter what, your family and friends will love it every time you invite them over.

Living Room

One of the most important rooms in your home is the living room, which is probably where your family spends the most time. Whether you host family game nights every week or watch television with your family every night, having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing design can make the room even better. Everyone will be excited to spend time with each other, especially in a newly remodeled room.

Don’t wait to get in touch with our team at Bailey Remodeling for high-quality remodeling services. Our Louisville design-build remodelers will ensure your house turns into your home after they’re done. Start planning your whole home remodeling project today!