Unique Ways to Add Character and Charm to Your Home Remodel

Your whole home remodeling project affords you the opportunity to add your personality to your home. Perhaps you purchased a newer home to enjoy the latest smart home technology when you really wanted a 100-year-old farmhouse. Here’s how remodeling can add that charm and character to your home.

Use Reclaimed Wood

If you belong to the 24% of American homeowners who want to remodel their homes this year, using reclaimed materials can provide you with that historic home feel with a smart home appeal. Reclaimed materials, such as shiplap and barnwood pine, come from deconstructed or demolished buildings.

Use Classic Brick for Your Home’s Exterior

If you prefer the look of real bricks over veneers placed on homes built today, choose reclaimed bricks. Brick materials come in many different colors and shades that can coordinate with the overall visual design of your home. Consult the designers of a top-tier design build firm, like Bailey Remodeling, to decide on a brick exterior that the construction team can carry out to perfection.

Consider Rustic Interior Additions

An in-house interior design team can help you decide on a warm, rich color palette that transforms your home’s rooms. The organic materials of rustic interior styling add a natural look to your interior, imbuing your kitchen or living room with elements that mirror mountain or ranch-style living.

Incorporate Vintage Pieces Into Your Rooms

The eye of an experienced interior designer can help you decide on fun, vintage pieces that add to your home’s style. A uniquely retro sofa or loveseat with bold prints can contribute to an exciting and high-energy space. Or maybe you’re looking to add a reclaimed, dark vintage coffee table? Factoring specific furniture pieces into your creative vision will help you inform your remodelers how you’d like your home to look.

Work with a Knowledgeable Designer

Working with a remodeling company that provides all of these services can make your whole home remodeling project easier. These remodeling professionals know where to acquire salvaged historical interior and exterior pieces and how to best integrate them into your home.

Using an experienced design build remodeling firm that provides expert construction and design services can make all the difference in your whole home remodel. You can create a charming home that evokes a time gone by while providing every modern convenience. Contact Bailey Remodeling today to learn how our world-class services can bring your dream home to life!