How to Turn Your Basement Into an Impressive Home Gym

Basement remodels happen pretty frequently and they’re not expected to go away any time soon. In fact, the home remodeling industry is projected to continue to grow 2% each year through 2025. A popular basement renovation project you can take on is converting your basement into a home gym.

Turning your basement into a home gym can give you more space for your at-home workouts and add value to your home. If you need some tips on how to make this happen, here are three key ways you can turn your basement into an impressive home gym.

Plan Your Space Accordingly

When doing a basement renovation of any kind, you have to plan your space accordingly. If you want to turn your basement into a gym, make sure you have room for the equipment. Be sure you know how many pieces of cardio equipment you’ll have and how many weight machines you’ll have. If you have a larger basement, you could also set aside room for things like a stretching area and a yoga space.

The last thing you want to do is overcrowd your home gym. Each piece of equipment should have enough space where you can easily walk around it. Otherwise, you’re risking the safety and effectiveness of your home gym. If you need to expand your basement to make more room for your home gym, talk to your remodelers about what can be done.

Install a Mirror

If you want to really impress people with your home gym, install a mirror while you do your basement renovation. A mirror will give your home gym a more official look. Plus, you’ll be able to look at your form in the mirror and determine if you’re doing your exercises correctly.

The size of the mirror you install will depend on the size and scope of your basement remodel. If you have a larger wall that runs the length of the basement, you could put the mirror there so you get full coverage of the home gym. You could also use half the wall for the mirror and half the wall for equipment storage. It all depends on how you want your home gym to look and feel as soon as you step into it. If you want it to feel like a legitimate gym, consider running the mirror along the whole wall.

Pick Colors That Give You Energy

Another tip for this basement renovation project is to pick a color scheme that gives you energy. You may get tired quickly when you work out, which means you need something to help you stay motivated. If your home gym has a bright color scheme, it can keep your energy levels up during your workouts.

Some colors to consider painting your new home gym include orange, red, and neon colors. Make sure the colors aren’t too vibrant though, as too much concentration of these colors can strain your eyes. As you work with your contractor to plan this basement finishing project, make sure you have a color scheme selected so you can set the right tone for your new home gym.

As you do basement renovations and turn your lower level into a home gym, make sure you have everything on your checklist squared away. Get the proper equipment, make sure you have the space for it all, and create a home gym where you feel inspired to be your best every day. Your workouts will be more effective once you have space to finally do them all correctly. Here’s to your new home gym!