The Traditional Kitchen Aesthetic Is Making a Comeback

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Traditional kitchen design is making a comeback with retro appliances, patterned wallpaper, old-style wooden cabinets, open concept, upper cabinets, adding collectibles and artwork, and installing smaller pantries or storage. In this article, we detail a few of the traditional kitchen remodeling trends that are going to be popular this coming year.

Retro Appliances and Wood Cabinets

Retro appliances are made to resemble a 1950s style with a vintage look and a dash of color. You can select a vintage-inspired refrigerator, stove, range, and microwave in a variety of styles and colors. Add wall ovens, hoods, and even dishwashers. These appliances also have an Energy Star rating. Your kitchen remodeling service can help you choose the best retro appliances for your renovation this winter. Custom wood cabinets will be used more in kitchens this winter. Eco-friendly wood like bamboo, maple, cherry, oak, pine with dark and light hues will add ambiance to remodeled kitchens. More kitchens will use upper cabinets to add more room for storage in small and large spaces.

Patterned Wallpaper, Collectibles and Artwork

Your kitchen remodeling service may build your open shelves or cabinets to display collectibles and dishware in your kitchen. The trend of displaying antique cookware and kitchen collectibles has returned. You can hang artwork or paintings in the kitchen on the wall to enhance the theme. Trends coming up for the new year in wallpaper design are bird patterns that give your kitchen a feeling of freedom, nature and forest designs depicting the outdoors, art deco with geometric patterns, sharp lines, and bold colors. Nature and mural wallpaper designs will be trendy.

Open Concepts and Small Pantries

The open concept provides more room in the kitchen to cook and eat a meal. You may have an island in the middle of the room that is used to prepare food and for casual dining. Storage is well-designed with plenty of cabinets, shelves, and storage. Kitchen pantries are convenient and some have a cabinet where all supplies are within reach instead of a separate stand-alone room.

Kitchen remodeling this winter or spring requires some research and a good kitchen remodeling business near you. There are many interesting themes that are making a comeback for the coming year, and they will all make a great upgrade for your kitchen!