Top 3 Louisville Home Problems — Solved!

If you could change anything about your home, what would it be? Whether you’d like more space to host family gatherings, need more storage, or an extra bathroom to get everyone out the door on time, a design-build firm like Bailey Remodeling can help ease your most pressing pain points. Here are three examples of how we’ve helped Louisville homeowners live better in their homes:

Pain Point: Lack of Storage

Is clutter cramping your style? You might just need more storage. Extending kitchen cabinets to the ceiling or choosing multi-use furniture, such as a bench that opens or a built-in wall cabinet in the family room, could be just what you need to keep your home organized and clutter-free. 

Pain Point: Crowded Kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, if it has a poor layout, you’ll constantly be bumping into whoever else is there. Incorporating an island or rearranging the layout to form a triangular traffic flow will help immensely. Have a designer help you craft a space where you can cook, chat with guests, and pour a refreshment all at the same time.  

Pain Point: Lack of Bathroom Privacy

Sharing is caring, but when it comes to bathrooms it’s better to have your own. The wrinkle cream or water pick you keep on our counter might be essential, but not something you need your guests to see. Keep privacy in place by adding a bathroom onto your master bedroom. That way, you’ll have a true master suite, and can leave the hallway bath clean and simple for guests.  

Whatever problems you’re having in your home, Bailey Remodeling is a one-stop solution. From design to construction, we have all the talented and trusted professionals and resources you need under one roof — all you have to do is tell us what’s not working, and we’ll handle the rest.