Tips to Prepare Your Home and Family For a Remodel

Many homeowners plan for years to remodel their home. They dream of shiny new surfaces, updated everything, fresh new paint, and pristine floors. However, some homeowners overlook the weeks or months of inconvenience that precede the realization of the dream. Consider these tips to prepare yourself and your family for a home remodel.


Remember the words Elvis Presley sang: “only fools rush in”. Too often homeowners rush to remodel to meet a deadline for graduation parties, weddings, or holiday visitors. This can cause several problems.

You may not adequately research a contractor. The right contractor is worth the wait. There’s a reason he has a backlog

You’ll make snap decisions. When homeowners make decisions hurriedly, they often don’t take all the factors into consideration.

You’ll base selections on availability rather than more long-term factors. You might like the tile you selected because it was in stock, but you’ll always know it wasn’t your first choice.

Once you select a contractor, clearly communicate your budget and expectations before finalizing the plans. Don’t leave the contractor guessing.

Should you stay or go?

Be realistic when deciding if you can stay in your home during the remodel. If you stay in the home, you will need to find alternate spaces to replace the one being remodeled.

Decide whether your pets will stay or go. The construction crew can not watch your pet around dangerous tools or make sure they don’t slip out when doors are open. If your pet is not accustomed to being in a crate during the day, you may need to consider having your pet stay at a boarding facility or with a friend or family member.

Relocate furniture and other items

Whether you stay or go, you will need to determine where to relocate furniture and items moved from the remodeled areas. Find a new location for valuable and breakable items such as clocks, mirrors, glass top tables, artwork, and collections. Consider the basement, garage, or a rented storage unit. Move any items you don’t want covered in dust. A plastic cover will not keep drywall dust from seeping into electrons and pianos.

Determine a construction staging area

Confer with your contractor to decide the best place for unloading shipments of construction materials. It is frustrating to come home to find your garage, driveway, or doors blocked by pallets too heavy to move.