Tips on Creating Your Dream Bathroom in Your Primary Suite

Many homeowners are looking into the benefits of remodeling recently. According to Forbes, almost 70% of homeowners are planning to go ahead with a complete remodel of their bathroom. Many others are also looking to remodel their primary suites. Here are some tips you may need if you are planning to remodel your bathroom in your primary suite.

Start With the Design

Before you do anything else, you need to first think about the new design for your remodel. Most homeowners dream of having a luxury bathroom in their primary suite. In fact, if you’re like most, you are stumped by the various limitations of your current floor plan. If your current bedroom has limitations in terms of space, it can be impossible to imagine a large bathroom in your room. However, this can also be made possible if you work with a design-build team. You’ll be surprised how many options you have to increase the amount of space in your primary bedroom. In some instances, you can have the results you want if you remove walls and expand into an adjacent space.

Search for Ideas

Imagining what it will look like after you remodel your bathroom can be difficult. Fortunately, you can get some inspiration by looking at ideas online. Apart from searching online, you can also ask your contractor if they have a catalog of primary bathrooms they’ve worked on before. You can also go a step further and have them look at your home and help recommend a good design or plan that you can go with. You’ll need to consider colors, tile, bathtubs, showers, fixtures, and more! Take your time during the information-gathering step.

Think About What to Include

The way to ensure that the new bathroom you design suits your needs is to think about the current limitations. What do you want to do that you can’t do now with the current bathroom you have? Maybe you’re constantly running out of storage space for linens and soap. Maybe you want to add heated tiles to the floor. Whatever the case may be, talk to your design team about how they can make your dreams a reality.

These are some great tips you can follow when creating your dream primary bath. That’s not all, though! The contractor you choose to work with will determine the quality of results, so contact Bailey Remodeling today if you need the most reliable contractor in Louisville. We know how to get you started on the bathroom you’ve always envisioned.