Three Benefits of Natural Lighting (And How to Get More of It)

Is your home feeling dark? Then it’s time to let in some light! Bringing more natural light into your home is a renovation you’ll enjoy every single day. From money-saving benefits to health improvements, the advantages of natural light are plentiful. Let’s explore the top three, and look at how Bailey Remodeling has helped some Louisville homeowners incorporate natural light in their space:

  1. Energy Saving Excellence 


This one’s pretty simple — the more natural light you have, the less you’ll have to turn on the lights. Lower energy usage is good for the planet and your wallet. Windows placed high on walls, like the ones shown here, are particularly helpful in flooding the room with sunlight and making use of otherwise empty space.

  1. Health Boosting Benefits


The health benefits of sunlight are widespread. People with more exposure to natural light tend to be happier, have lower stress and blood pressure, are more focused, and get sick less often, to name just a few. While most of us can’t be outside all day long, adding extra windows brings the sunshine, and the health benefits, inside. In this bathroom, skylights and windows placed higher up bring natural light while maintaining privacy.

  1. Added Beauty and Value to Your Home


More natural light in your home makes your space look larger and feel more open and inviting. Does your home overlook a beautiful street or breathtaking backyard? Picture windows like these are perfect for enjoying the view. We’re hearing more homeowner requests for large, expansive windows without grilles (the horizontal and vertical bars that visually break up the window) for an unobstructed view of the great outdoors. It’s not just homeowners, either — buyers love lots of light! If you plan to sell eventually, streaming sunlight could help your home sell.

Want to brighten up your home with natural light? We can help you make your existing windows larger, add additional windows, or even put in a skylight or two. You’ll be amazed at the difference natural light makes. Ready to get started? Contact us today!