The Phases of First Floor Remodeling

According to the Housing and Urban Development Bureau, about 80% of homes in the United States could benefit from remodeling because they are 20 years or older. First floor remodeling allows you to reimagine your space and open up its rooms so that it feels more cohesive, gains functionality, and cultivates a sense of togetherness for you and your family. Here is how the process of first floor renovations moves along for your home in Louisville, KY.

Plan Your Open Concept

A team of high-quality remodelers at a design and build company can meet you every step of the way with a first floor renovation project. Creating an open floor plan with a design + build remodeling company’s team is a collaborative process that allows you to communicate you and your family’s home needs. They can lend you expert ideas of open-concept layouts that correspond with the dynamic of your family. Furthermore, you’ll have access to 3D renderings of your future layout during this phase. These design models provide you with a wonderfully immersive glimpse of your finished remodel.

The Space Is Opened Up

Next, the space is opened up by your remodeling company’s builders. The renovations to the floors and walls have already been decided by you and your company of choice, so now you can see the transformation begin. Maybe more natural light floods into the living room now that a wall has been taken down, or maybe the furry family members have more room to greet you at the entryway when you get home. Now you can witness the benefits of first floor renovations taking shape!

Your Interior Creative Vision Is Fulfilled

Working with an expert team of design and build remodelers means your vision for your kitchen or living room can be done by the same designers and builders that have opened up the space of your first floor! Now you can further collaborate on the new kitchen wall colors, luxurious kitchen island, home office floors, entryway shelving, and any other new feature to add to your first floor. This is where the pieces of your dream home start to come together.

Looking for a high-quality team of remodelers in Louisville, KY for your first floor renovations? Contact us at Bailey Remodeling today! We’d love to speak with you about your project and inform you of how our design and build philosophy can lead every step of your large-scale project with our team of designers, planners, and builders.