The Ins and Outs of a Remodeler’s Remodel

Brandon Bailey spends his days thinking about dramatic home transformations — after all, Bailey Remodeling has been crafting dream homes for discerning Louisville homeowners for years. But when he and his family finally decided to renovate their own home, he learned some unexpected lessons that ultimately made him even more empathetic, insightful, and appreciative of the Bailey team.  

As an owner of Bailey Remodeling, Brandon felt the pressure to have a fantastic house — a showpiece that would exemplify Bailey’s work. After all, how could he have his friends over and talk about the great remodels his team has crafted if his house was anything but stellar? Adding to that pressure, Brandon and his family felt cramped in their existing house, with its segmented rooms and lack of space for his children to play. 

The Bailey family decided moving made the most sense. They found a 50-year-old home in a great location with the square footage they needed to be comfortable, but it required some updates to bring it up to Bailey’s standards. Brandon hired the team and decided to dive into the proven process he’s established for his Louisville clients.

Here are some words of wisdom Brandon put together after his experience:

Stick with the process, even if you’re an insider

Bailey Remodeling’s clients experience a white-glove level of care that, in the past, Brandon didn’t use on his own projects. He knows the ropes, after all, and assumed he could skip a few steps. 

This time, Brandon meticulously followed each and every step of the Bailey Remodeling process — and discovered just how well it works. This remodel was extensive, but it was also seamless. 

Looking back, he says sticking to the plan and using the process really does result in a better outcome in the end. 

Make a plan for stress management

Living in a home under construction can be hard. Workers are coming and going, dust and noise are inevitable, and you may not have use of your kitchen or bathroom. Brandon and his family made a plan to wait to move into their new home until the remodel was done, minimizing disruptions to their everyday lives. While this may not be an option for some, it’s worth considering possibilities to reduce your stress during the remodeling process. Options like staying with a nearby relative or booking an extended stay hotel could make a huge difference.

Make all decisions early

You’ll have a lot of decisions to make when planning your home remodel. Whatever selections you choose — whether it’s flooring, countertops, windows, or lighting fixtures — should be made before the construction agreement. Making these selections early is the only way to have an accurate cost estimate. 

This is especially important with extensive whole home remodels like Brandon’s. He essentially rebuilt the home’s entire first floor with a modern, open-concept style that’s great for the family and entertaining. Many choices had to be made simultaneously to keep the home’s cohesive flow — changing one thing would have led to changing many others.  

Additionally, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead as much as possible. Some materials may not be available right away and should be ordered well in advance to avoid disruptions and construction delays. 

Know where to spend and where to save 

It’s tempting to choose less expensive alternatives, but if there’s something you really want, don’t cut corners. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the fixtures and features you’ve been dreaming of, and don’t settle. For example, the Baileys are thrilled they chose the 36-inch induction range — it makes cooking (and cleaning!) easy, and they topped it with a nice hood vent that never sets the smoke alarm off.  

After all, the initial investment sting is temporary, but you’ll be living in your new home for years to come; when you walk around your new space and it feels like a dream come true, it’ll be worth every penny. 

Have more questions or concerns about your home remodel? We’re here to help. Contact us — we’d love to hear from you!