The benefits of having Design + Build team at your service

We all love one-stop shopping: superstores that are also grocery stores, hardware stores that are also design outlets… but so many clients, when choosing to remodel their homes, choose to take out contracts with architects, builders, interior designers, landscaping companies. That’s a lot of contacts and a lot of communication, especially considering that some of these firms may have never worked together before. 

That’s a lot of decision-making on your part. You have to source the bids, decide which firms are right for you and can work together to realize your dreams. 

There is an alternative. It’s called Design + Build, and it’s a one-stop shop for all your remodeling needs. It’s a more holistic approach to the design process from start to finish. Bailey is a Design + Build firm. Bailey is “in charge” from the design stage all the way through the last pillow being placed on the couch. They can tie in the external and internal look together to make it all make sense.

As opposed to the design-bid-build model, Design + Build has a single contract and a single point of responsibility for the project. Bailey’s dedicated builders, designers, and project managers are all on board to make your remodel as effortless as possible. Throughout your project, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your needs. 

Design + Build reduces risks and can even reduce overall costs to your project. 

The Design Build Institute of America describes the design–build process as follows:

“Taking singular responsibility, the design–build team is accountable for cost, schedule and performance, under a single contract and with reduced administrative paperwork, clients can focus on the project rather than managing disparate contracts.”

The Design + Build model brings together all the players in the remodeling process at the beginning of the project to evaluate best-value solutions and time-saving opportunities. 

By having someone on-hand, managing the project through all phases of before, during and after, you know you are working on a team to make the project make sense – internally and externally. And, because we are working on a remodel, understanding the way the space has been used and will be used going forward is more streamlined when you have one person from start to finish. 

Homes are one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Making sure you love your home and that the space really works for you should be priority. With our Design + Build process, it is. 

Remodeling a home or making an addition to a home is naturally stressful. The Design + Build model improves communication, lessens the decision-making process, and gives the client the peace of mind of a single-contact relationship. It’s a one-stop shop for remodeling your home.