Team Building on the Salt River

This past spring and summer have been stressful and uncertain for everyone, and we all need a mental break sometimes. That’s why our annual summer team-building event was even more necessary this year.

It’s much more than time out of the office. It’s a chance to get to know each other in a different environment, shake off the day-to-day routine, and become closer as colleagues and friends.

This year, we took to the Salt River for an afternoon of kayaking with Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak on a Friday in August. It was a wonderful way to close out the workweek, head into the weekend, and unwind before the busy fall season. These events out of the office are vital to creating the kind of togetherness we all value. 

The remodeling business is different than most. Our production team spends their days out on our work sites in clients’ homes. Our office staff is handling the sales, design, marketing, and other business tasks.

There are days where our field team and office staff only have the opportunity to communicate through emails, texts, or calls. While we have company meetings, they are business-centered and highly efficient. So we need to block out time to take a deep breath as a team.

Bringing everyone together to do something fun helps us connect to each other on a more personal level. A shared activity like paddling down a serene river is more than a welcome mental break, it’s a chance to bond with each other in a different way. Those bonds we make outside of work help us work more cohesively as a unit.

We believe our company culture is one of the contributing factors to our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. Building strong interpersonal relationships translates to an environment of trust, positivity, and dedication to getting the job done right. The Bailey Remodeling team spirit shines brightly and carries over into our interactions with clients and trade partners alike in the field.

Excursions like these are more than afternoons of ditching work and having fun. It’s building the foundation for a stronger, better company.

Join the Bailey Remodeling Team

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