Steps of the Design-Build Process

Up to 85% of homes in the U.S. that were built before 1980 now need home improvement. When your home is in need of improvement, consider using the services offered by a design-build remodeling firm. You receive both the design and build services from a single company that’s solely responsible for your home remodeling project.

Louisville design-build remodelers offer every service needed to work on your home using their in-house team. Every team member is an expert in their field and will work on your design-build remodeling project from start to finish. Consider this to be a more efficient way to have your home remodeled with one point of contact.

A Design-Build Team Consists Of:

  • Estimators
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Interior Designers
  • Field Crews

Know What to Expect

You want to know what to expect before having your home remodeled. Kentucky design-build contractors are adept at explaining their design-build process and make it a point to listen very carefully to their clients so they can discover their core needs. They want to be able to align their design-build remodeling services with your vision.

Expect Louisville remodelers to really delve into the reasons why you want your home remodeled. All of this information allows them to learn what works for you, what doesn’t, and what elements you would love to add. Once they have gained a thorough understanding they can truly start the design-build remodeling process fully catered to your wants and needs.

1. It All Starts with a Phone Call

When you first reach out to a design-build contractor, the initial conversation will be about the type of project you desire, the location of your property, and various information about your home. The purpose is to get to know you and prepare to meet. You will then schedule an appointment to discuss home renovations more.

2. Determine the Complexity of the Project

Together, you will review the scope of work, any challenges with your existing space, and your desired investment. The design-build remodeling company will develop plans, pricing, specifications, and a design-build remodeling schedule.

3. Delve into the Design Process

Home remodeling is all about designing and defining possibilities. Your design-build team will take approximate measurements and then collaborate with designers, architects, and you. This is when existing problems will be solved keeping your vision at the core of the remodeling project.

4. Review the Project and Specifications

Once initial plans have been created, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to review your project plans as well as the specifications. An agreement on final plans will be made and agreed upon. Then the final pricing stage will happen.

5. Pre-Construction Is a Go

At this stage of the design-build remodeling process you have selected fixtures, appliances, and many finishing touches. Everything is set so construction can begin. Your project manager will make sure the work flows according to your plans and designs.

6. Enjoy Frequent Check-Ins and Communication

You can expect daily communication with the production manager and project manager leading your home remodeling project. They will perform quality control walks once a week to ensure your expectations are fully met. You also have the ability to track your entire project using an online system the design-build firm provides.

7. Project Completion and Review

When construction has been finished, a meeting for the final project review will be scheduled. The meeting covers every aspect in detail from how it all went to what you enjoyed the most about working with your design-build team. This is when you will receive a packet with lien releases, final pricing, details about selected items, and warranty information to finalize your home remodeling project.