Six Steps to More Fun and Easy Entertaining With These Remodel Solutions

We all want our home to be inviting and accommodate friends and family with ease. If you have a remodel in your home’s future, there are plenty of ways you can enhance your entertaining experiences by creating the right spaces. From ways to make it easier to play host stress-free, to designs that will wow guests and make them feel welcomed, here are six of our favorite ways to make your home into the go-to-gathering destination.  

Open Floor Plan for Entertaining Ease

Never feel stuck in the kitchen again during a party or holiday gathering. With an open floor plan, you can connect the kitchen, dining room and living room together so everyone feels in one place. This helps eliminate the “unused dining room” syndrome where people feel an informal gathering doesn’t justify its use. Create more feeling of togetherness. An open floor plan means grown-ups are able to prepare snacks in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the kids playing in the living room, for instance, or family is able to maintain a conversation throughout meal preparation and cleanup. Even when you aren’t hosting a large gathering, family time together can feel more unified with everyone all in the same space rather than spending it in separate rooms.

Add a Kitchen Island for More Possibilities

Today many remodels include either an expanded kitchen island or multiple islands. That’s because this feature can prove invaluable to entertaining. While it provides plenty of easy-to-access storage, a kitchen island is perfect for spreading out casual appetizers to a superb holiday buffet. It’s also a comfortable place for guests to gather and chat while food prep is still underway.

Patio Door to Connect Indoor and Outdoor Entertaining

Another trick for making parties flow effortlessly is by creating a comfortable pathway between the indoors and out. A beautiful set of patio doors can allow guests to feel free to move about between the indoor entertaining spaces and your outdoor living areas. 

Create More Cozy for You and Your Guests

Today’s outdoor living spaces are not complete without a welcoming source of heat. An outdoor fireplace can instantly create the illusion of more living space, and extend the entertaining season by some time. Whether you’re curling up with friends to watch the big game or just want to experience the relaxation a crackling fire brings to a living space, this is one addition that will create plenty of wonderful memories. 

Instant Bonus Space with an Enclosed Porch 

Looking to add some square footage to your home without adding on an addition? A screened or enclosed porch can provide entertaining flexibility. For families with young children or teenagers, an enclosed porch can be a welcome expansion, allowing a new space as a playroom or hangout that’s low-maintenance and designed to be durable. It’s also perfect for empty nesters and retirees looking for the space to add a breakfast nook, coffee bar or wine party spot. 

Master Suite Allows for Easy Guest Stays

How lovely would it be to feel perfectly comfortable inviting out-of-town friends and loved ones to stay over for a few days, knowing your privacy will be fully maintained? That’s the beauty that a master suite can provide, which can be achieved with a new addition or designed into an existing space. 

Think of the ease of hosting guests, while maintaining a completely separate wing with your own private bedroom and bathroom. A home can feature multiple suites, each with its own bedroom, bathroom and closet. Compared to having to adjust to shared spaces, a sectioned-off suite provides more privacy and an inviting atmosphere for guests and family that might come to stay. 

Our Bailey Remodeling team works with you individually to learn about how you live and what your needs are. With a remodel, you have the flexibility to decide what your transformed home will look like. In fact, it’s one of the few times in life you can truly customize your living spaces to create the living spaces you always dreamed of. We’re here to help you start the process so all of your future gatherings will become magical memories.