Seeing Is Believing: Bailey Remodeling’s 3D Design Advantage

Remodeling can be stressful, and we understand that. It’s one big decision followed by so many other choices that must be made, often on a tight schedule. There are so many unknowns, and it can be hard to see how it will all work together, even with an accurate building plan. That’s where 3D design comes in.

It’s a huge advantage, enabling you to see what a completed project will look — and feel — like, well before the first hammer starts swinging.

As an integral part of our design process, you’ll meet with our team to discuss what you want, and the goals you want to achieve. At Bailey Remodeling, we design what we build.

While we work with you, creating the new space, we’ll help you select the materials, fixtures, finishes, and colors for your remodeling project or addition.

The 3D rendering process gives our designers an amazing tool that frees their creativity and makes problem-solving much more efficient.

With a 3D rendering, you can see how it all will work together, making the way you live in your home better, all within your budget. That means you can see how your kitchen cabinets will look with your countertop choices, for example, or how your new addition will look inside and out.

Having an accurate 3D view of the outcome means there are no surprises, giving you peace of mind. Don’t like what you see? This is the time to make changes, well before we’ve ordered materials and set the schedule. Making big changes once we’re on site and building can be expensive, so it’s a huge advantage to you (and to us) to make those changes in the floor plan or finishing options while we’re still in the design phase.

While 3D renderings are a huge help for our clients, we benefit too. When used with the two-dimensional building plans, 3D renderings are a great communication tool, helping our design and construction teams seamlessly communicate throughout the project. The 3D plans’ accuracy eliminates guesswork for the team and helps the whole process run smoothly.

What you see is what you’ll get — no surprises and more peace of mind.