Renovation Tips For Your Guest Bathroom

When you entertain frequently and have guests stay overnight, a guest bathroom is a good idea. You may want to add a guest bathroom or remodel a bathroom you already have for guests. It can give your guests privacy and ease your stress over sharing the main family bathroom. In this article we will discuss style, fixtures, lighting, and storage ideas for remodeling guest bathrooms.

Style of Your Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom should be comfortable and provide the basics your visitors need. It does not have to be elaborate and showy. It should have storage space, good lighting, a sink, cabinets, toilet, shower, or bathtub. Your bathroom designer or remodeling company will give you ideas on how to remodel your guest bathroom. If you want to design a more showy guest bathroom, they have ideas for designs. There are many different styles; modern, rustic, tropical, traditional, farmhouse, and more to consider.


There are several types of lighting for bathrooms. When you lack windows, installing good light fixtures resolves the problem. You can install a bathroom light on the ceiling as the main fixture. Wall sconce lights near the sink or vanity will add function. Other choices are vanity lights, recessed lights, and chandeliers. Your contractor can help you choose the best type when you remodel a guest bathroom.

Storage, Sinks, Showers

A bathroom sink with storage cabinets and drawers will give you room to store towels, facecloths, shampoo, soap, and other necessities for your guests. When space is limited, consider a tall cabinet or shelves on the wall to store towels and other items. Custom-made cabinets or semi-custom-made cabinets can be fitted into the space in the guest bathroom you have.

A shower, rather than a tub, is a must in a guest bath. It can be used by your family when no one is visiting you. If you can, add some amenities; mirrors, plants, soap, toothpaste, and new toothbrushes if they don’t get packed, scales, and other useful products. Adding a shower can increase the value of your home. Consult with your bathroom designer if you are unsure if you should add a shower or bath.

About 80% of remodeling in the United States comes from homeowners that have homes 20 years or older. You may want to remodel a bathroom, turn it into a guest bathroom, or add one. A contractor or designer can help you with design, fixtures, lighting, and storage.