Remodeling Options to Craft Your Dream Outdoor Space

Almost 60% of Americans claim they own their current residence, and 24% say they have plans to remodel or sell this year, according to KBB Online. An outdoor space that is functionally sound and visually appealing is a major home remodeling project that increases your property’s value and your own quality of life. Read here to learn about two remodeling additions that make the most of your home’s exterior.

A Deck

You can transform your entire outdoor area with the help of design-build firms. With a deck, you can blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. The key to this is to make the outdoor portion feel welcoming and comfortable. Purchase high-class, luxury seating such as outdoor sofas, chairs, or even a hammock. Investing in retractable glass doors is a great way to connect the spaces and keep the light flowing all year round. Other great additions to this space could include classy ambient lighting or a firepit, ensuring you can be comfortable throughout the seasons.

An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can breathe new life outside your home and is perfect for those late-night summer gatherings. If you decide to add this to your backyard, you can enjoy freshly grilled steaks while watching Louisville football this fall. Some crucial pieces of an outdoor kitchen include durable countertops, refrigeration, storage, and proper integration within your landscape. Our Kentucky design build contractors can help you achieve all this and more.

Consider a custom-built pergola or trellis to protect your state-of-the-art kitchen from the elements. You could even opt for a full-sized bar, complete with barstools and plenty of storage to keep your beverages cold and protected. No matter what you use your outdoor kitchen for most, our home remodeling company can give you a high-quality, functional space that will create memories for the entire family.

Interested in upgrading your Louisville property’s outdoor space? Turn to Bailey Design Build for exceptional services from our expert team of designers, planners, and builders. From consultation to construction, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive remodeling experience that you’ll be satisfied with. Reach out to us today so we can create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamt of.