Questions to Ask When Renovating a Small Kitchen Space

Having a kitchen space all your own, for most homeowners, is part of the dream come true of property ownership. It is a charming and practical place where you or your loved ones can go to craft tasty treats together and share in treasured communal time. It is also one of the areas that is frequently renovated in homes, with similar functionality to bathroom remodels. Small and large areas must be utilized effectively to get the desired results.

Just like bathroom remodels, kitchens can be tricky in how you use each space to its maximum potential. Some homeowners, because of the natural design of their house, may have spaces that seem too small to work with or be of value once they modernize appliances or change the structure of their kitchen. That isn’t so, and it only takes a little bit of thought and creativity from a skilled craftsman to change that.

In this brief article, we’ll go over some questions to ask contractors and builders about renovating a small space in your kitchen. While a surprising amount of renovations (upwards of 35%) involve the whole home, they don’t have to. While the space might be tight, the possibilities can be endless if you only use your imagination.

How Small Is Too Small?

Despite what many kitchen renovation shows and contractors may have you believe, no space is truly too small to do nothing with. If nothing else, you can either eliminate the space entirely in some decorative way that accentuates your kitchen or combine it into another project down the road. Space is simply space, and if you have the creativity and skills to work on it with a qualified contractor it is easy to turn the tiniest of spaces into little gems of wonder.

For example, you may be thinking that a small elongated square next to your kitchen sink is useless in your kitchen. It may seem awkward, out of place, and simply not a part of the congruent whole. This is never true, and there is always something that can be done with this space. You might install a filtered hot water tap with a small sink and make it a designated hot water spigot, which is useful for cleaning dishes and preparing certain foods.

Horizontal spaces, such as above a sink or fridge, can also be retrofitted to allow beauty and utility to meld together. Unlike bathroom remodels where you have to worry about water and steam, kitchens are (mostly) dry spaces that allow you to be more flexible with art, vintage items, and found items. A horizontal space above a treasured appliance or space is a perfect place to have a skilled artisan integrate something lovely from time’s past, or a family kitchen heirloom that you’d like to gaze up at while creating delectable morsels. The sky’s the limit!

Utilize Space In Creative Ways

If the space you are trying to renovate in your kitchen remodel is too small to store appliances, used as a prep space, or have any “larger” functions, it still has value. If it has vertical height, a door and the inner space coming out from the wall, can decoratively hide a trashcan or wastebasket. If it is large enough to hold a medium-sized bowl, it can become both decorative and functional for holding fruit, having a granite top, and providing storage underneath. In the same ways that bathroom remodels cleverly hide towels or cleaning supplies, you can do the same with your kitchen.

Other uses of small spaces include locating a high-quality appliance (such as a blender, mixer, or toaster), or as a storage for cookbooks. There are many ways that a high-end renovations company and contractor can take a smaller space to customize and suit any desire you might have, all you simply have to do is plan and ask what is within their expertise.