Primary Goal = Primary Suite

The primary suite is the most personal space in your home. It can be your own private sanctuary. The magazine House Beautiful predicted eight bedroom design trends for 2024 and they all have one thing in common: Romance in the bedroom is back. In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at those trends and more.

Bedroom sets are out. Mismatched eclectic furnishings are in for 2024. Bedroom sets are typically hard and predictable– “matchy-matchy.” Eclectic furniture can be a feast for the eyes. More soft furnishings are showing up in primary suites: couches, comfy chairs, ottomans, loungers and the sort.

Eclectic (there’s that word again) bed linens and pillow are in. ​​”I am delighted in observing our clients and young home enthusiasts taking interest in mismatching their bed linens. This mini trend feels really fun because it makes design accessible for any budget, home size, or rent versus own status,” designer Noz Nozawa told House Beautiful. This is a trend that is not only beautiful, it won’t break the bank.

Allover prints can make a primary suite more cozy and comfortable-looking. Matching the wallpaper (and yes, wallpaper is very much in– more on that soon) to the bed linens creates an enveloping environment, heightening the personality of the room. The trend is for soft and romantic prints. If you’re nervous about taking a plunge that extreme, try matching the bed linens to the wallpaper in color or tone instead.

Fuss-free linens are in. Gone are the days of the mountains of decorative bed pillows that have to be removed each night before you climb in. Gone are the overstuffed duvets. In 2024, we’ll be seeing cleaner lines, more elegance, and more inviting beds. This trend emphasizes the comfort and coziness of the bed over the pomp of presentation.

Romance is back, and it’s all about what you feel, Pom Pom at Home founder and CEO Hilde Leiaghat told House Beautiful. “In reaction to the stiff, hotel-like linens that have been dominating the bedding industry as of late, bedding that adds texture, depth, and playfulness is quickly coming back into style,” she said. Look for four-poster and even modern takes on canopy beds. 

Accent walls are out in favor of wallpaper on all your walls. This bold trend favors big prints. Matching these with your bed linens, as we mentioned before, draws the eye in and can make big rooms like primary suites more intimate. The home decor blog, the Spruce, listed wallpaper trends for 2024. Among those trends are wallpaper on the ceiling, again, drawing the eye in. Mural designs and Heritage revival prints are also on the list. These trends are increasingly influenced by the “cottagecore” trend.

Moiré silk as a prominent linen is making a comeback. Moiré silk is a textile with a wavy appearance. Silks weaved this way are often called “watered silks.” The effect of the wavy pattern is sensuous and rich-feeling. In 2024, we’ll be seeing headboards covered in moiré and curtains, pillows, and bed linens in the textile. 

Another trend in wallpaper is floral design. Florals and drapery are very much in in 2024. Tropical florals are especially popular, creating a primary suite that is a romantic, exotic sanctuary. You’ll see floral designs on bedskirts (also back in) with contrasting linens. Bedroom windows will be framed by curtains with sweeping floral designs. 

Other trends for 2024 also lean toward the romantic side, creating a primary suite that is a sanctuary and escape for you and your partner (or just you alone! You deserve romance too!). 

Ensuite coffee stations mean you don’t have to leave the haven of your bedroom to start your day off right. Enjoying that first cup of coffee in bed with your mate can be a terrific way to greet a new day. 

Another trend for 2024 is en suite toilet closets– sometimes even two! This opens up the bathroom for your partner’s use– showering, changing, washing up– while you do your business alone. Linger as long as you want and keep the romance alive by protecting your private time. 

The 2024 primary suite design trends all lean toward emphasizing the romantic nature of this most personal space in your home. The pandemic meant that many primary suites did double-duty as home offices as people had to work from home. The trends for 2024 return the space to the personal environment that it was always intended to be. Happy Valentine’s Day!