How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Remodel

Looking for ideas on how to prepare for a kitchen remodel? National Association of Homebuilders’ statistics say 50% of the houses in the US were built before 1980. In addition to this formation, we also know that around 38% of the total number of houses were built before 1970, which means that between 1970 and 1980, around 12% or more US houses were built. The home renovation statistics from before 2021 give us a good idea of how old most American houses are.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most important and rewarding projects done by homeowners to update and add value to their homes. But it requires a plan for how to survive the weeks to months of renovation ahead. Here are the best tips on how to prepare for your kitchen remodel.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

To make life easier during the entire course of remodeling, move the refrigerator and other essential items like the coffee maker, microwave, as well as cooking utensils to another room in your house, where you can still have access to them. Embrace the grill. Make your life easier with disposable plates, cups and cutlery if there’s no where else to store them. Wash pots in a utility sink, if you’ve got one. You may even be able to hook your old dishwasher up to it.

Pack Glassware and Dinnerware Carefully

To prevent things from breaking down during the process of storing, you may want to wrap fragile items with newspaper or bubble wrap, and don’t forget to seal the boxes with tape and move the boxes to a safe place.

Take Down Curtains and Wall Decorations

Store every piece of hardware in a labeled plastic storage bag. Also, dust and clean this hardware as you pack, if you’re keeping them. If not, consider selling or donating.

Protect Your Pets

Keep your pets away during the extensive remodel. Move their water and food bowls outside of the kitchen before the demolition starts, to get them used to it. Look into doggy daycares, or put a crate in a quiet room away from the work zone. Keep cats behind closed doors, and don’t forget their litter box.

A kitchen remodel is the best way to add value to your home. For best results, work with reputable architectures that help you build up that unique look for your kitchen that you have been dreaming of. So call us today, and you’ll never be disappointed!