Which Pantry Door Should You Select?

Per Houzz, a third of homeowners have said that they transitioned to a lifestyle after they remodeled their kitchen. One of the key elements of the kitchen that often gets overlooked when it comes to style is the kitchen pantry. Most kitchen remodeling services touch on pantry space in regards to shelving and functionality. However, there is another part of the pantry that is just as important if not one of the most important aspects, the pantry doors.

Add Stylish and Distinct Doors to Your Pantry

Pantry doors have become more than just a cover that hides the items in the pantry. The doors themselves can have a large and luxurious impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Louisville design build remodelers know how important it is to address every aspect of a full-fledged kitchen remodel, including the appearance of the pantry door. Pantry doors give you the opportunity to stay organized, add elegance, and make a statement.

Glass Is Quite Classy

When it comes to reflecting a classy look for kitchen remodeling, etched glass pantry doors are an excellent option. Beautifully etched glass panes have the charm you want in your kitchen no matter the style. Have Louisville remodelers offset pantry doors by a few inches from walls to give them the feel of free-standing furniture.

Exposing the pantry with clear glass doors can improve the overall look of any kitchen. This gives you the ability to incorporate creative storage ideas such as baskets, glass jars, or ceramics. There is no better way to show off an organized gourmet kitchen.

A pantry door with a wooden frame and glass portions in the center is traditionally beautiful, and allows you to see inside the pantry without leaving the door wide open. If you prefer to keep the contents of the pantry hidden, consider having frosted glass doors installed. You will still have an idea of the contents without being able to fully see them. Give your kitchen a more spacious and airier look with casual glass pantry doors.

Choose an Intriguing Sliding Pantry Door

Design elements can easily be mixed using the right materials. For instance, a sliding barn door that’s half-size can be refinished using glossy or satin finish paints that match the scheme of your gourmet kitchen and add a sliding door element that’s attractive. This farmhouse classic can go from classic and traditional to intriguing and chic, offering a smooth gliding door that makes your pantry more upscale.

Incorporate a Wall of Doors That Slide

Kitchen remodeling can take any tone you desire. The idea of sliding doors for your pantry can spark ideas such as a wall of sliding doors. Do you dislike the idea of traditional cabinetry? Transition your kitchen with storage options that offer a variety of storage just like a pantry does. You can keep everything behind sliding doors that offer an interesting conversation piece in your newly remodeled luxury kitchen. If you can dream it, Kentucky remodelers can build it.

Hide the Pantry Within Sight

Matching pantry doors that are the exact style as the kitchen cabinetry gives you the ability to hide your pantry in plain sight. Identical hardware and designs give a kitchen a cohesive feel. This is a wonderful kitchen remodeling tactic that can be carried out by Kentucky build design contractors with the skills to fully transform your kitchen into the luxury kitchen you have always wanted.

Reach Your Ultimate Pantry Goals

Your ultimate pantry goals can be brought to fruition. Would you prefer a Butler’s pantry? One monumental room that’s devoted to storage is a culinary dream. Have a custom Butler’s pantry installed with a mix of shelving that allows you to store dishware. You could even have simple white cabinets installed within a Butler’s pantry to store less display-worthy items so the entire space appears beautifully organized. No matter what style of pantry doors or pantry you prefer, expert design builders can include it in part of your renovation.