Why Opt For Open Concept?

To own a home is to finally have your own space where you truly can be yourself. From watching a movie in your finished basement to enjoying a morning coffee on the patio, owning property and becoming a homeowner can leave you feeling truly at peace.

But along with property ownership comes eventual maintenance. It is nobody’s fault, it is simply what happens when weathering has occurred and enough time has passed. Many of the nation’s homes are old and in need of repair or renovation. In fact, 85% of the nation’s homes were built prior to 1980 and are in need of some type of home improvement in one way or another.

With home renovations comes the opportunity to remodel and finally update your home to your standards. One of the most popular rooms of a house to renovate is the kitchen, and there are many ways to design and pursue a kitchen remodel. It all depends on personal tastes, budget, and the quality of contractors available.

One of the more popular kitchen remodel designs right now is called open concept. It’s both classy, chic, and will more than likely add real value to your home, so it’s worth learning about.

The Amazing Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen

At its core, an open concept kitchen is one that follows an open floor plan. This means that instead of having the kitchen and living room separated by walls, they open up into one big connecting room. This means that you can cook and still interact with your sitting guests at the same time, eliminating the traditional “cooks in the kitchen” and “guests” dichotomy that often occurs during gatherings.

Another benefit of having an open concept kitchen is that by design it tends to make the room look larger. If you have a home that is smaller in square footage than you’d like, this can be a great natural way to “open up” some of your space without actually having to increase the size of your home. Since most people don’t want to move out of their current home, this is a great alternative. It will entail some expense and expertise, but we think you’ll find it pays for itself in the end.

Something to note is that creating an open concept floor plan may involve shifting or moving some of the load-bearing walls in your home. However, there are always ways to help create an open concept plan even if a particular wall is being stubborn. From art to architecture, having an open concept kitchen is all about creating synergy and sync that didn’t exist between you and your guests before. It is truly worth taking the time and effort to create with artisans and contractors so that you can reap all the benefits.

Being Open Means Being Free

Using your kitchen remodel to create an open concept kitchen isn’t just an interesting idea, it really can change the dynamics of your gatherings. By no longer separating the kitchen and other rooms, you have the ability to use the area as one larger space. Whether this is for Thanksgiving, birthday parties, dinner trivia, or more, it truly changes how you and your guests interact with each other. In a way, it’s better, because it promotes more togetherness by not separating people with walls.

Your cooking, kitchen design, and other areas may also improve as you start to really enjoy the idea of an open concept kitchen. Far from simply a kitchen remodel, it may start to become a state of mind for you. The inspiration for exotic meals, lavish parties, and perhaps even more exquisite kitchen renovations might come to you. Being open means being free, and there’s nothing better than that.