Is Monochrome the Best Choice for Your Bathroom?

If you look at most home interior magazines, you will quickly notice that monochrome is trendy. It’s simple and easy to live with, and it won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. This is the ideal trend to consider if you don’t want to keep chasing color trends and you want to remodel your bathroom. Here’s why you should consider monochrome the next time you remodel your bathroom.

Monochrome Is Versatile

You can do whatever you want with a monochrome bathroom. If you want to make a dramatic statement that’s modern or establish a glamorous and edgy feel, monochrome is the way to go. You can even use it to create a serene and soothing space. The bathroom has always been used as a place to relax, and you can achieve that with monochrome. According to Houzz, 20% of homeowners say they their bathroom for relaxation.

Black Is Dramatic

Have you ever thought of having an all-black bathroom? Well, you can, and it’s one ideal way to make a glamorous statement. However, if you decide to go black, you will need to offset the look to stop it from becoming overwhelming. You can combine your black theme with high-shine tiles. You can also throw in some elaborate mirrors and exotic lighting. This will also prevent the space from feeling closed in.

Monochrome Can Be Calming

A monochrome bathroom can be just as calming as any other. It’s all about mixing the color theme with the right accessories. For instance, you can have your builder throw in some mosaic wall tiles with a hint of sparkle. This will breathe life into your bathroom. You can also add some wooden elements if you want to induce a natural feel. For instant ambiance, consider adding dimmable lighting to your bathroom as well. You will certainly be able to enjoy a relaxing shower or bath.

Monochrome works if you want to remodel your bathroom. However, you need to use it carefully. Add one little feature that is separate from the theme. That way, the bathroom won’t be boring. Instead, your bathroom can be a pleasant and calming place that you can enjoy.