Materials to Look Into for Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’re like many homeowners in the U.S., you plan to begin long-term bathroom remodels or renovation projects. Nearly 70% of homeowners plan to remodel their bathroom at some point, according to KBB Online, so you’re not alone. Because it’s your bathroom, you need to be careful with the materials you choose. Here are a few options to look into before you begin.


Bamboo flooring lets you bring the look of hardwoods into the bathroom, creating a unique look that few people have. That’s because wood typically holds up terribly in the bath, but bamboo, actually a grass, resists moisture and offers inherent anti-microbial benefits. As a flooring product, its waterproof nature holds up admirably in the bathroom. You can also use it as a wall treatment, offering a lovely alternative to wallpaper or painting.

Cork Flooring

The natural texture of cork makes this flooring option a natural choice for the bathroom, where extra traction helps keep everyone safer. Bathroom tiles often get wet and slippery, but not cork floors. This grippy material crafted from the bark of cork trees offers a superior surface that provides water resistance and traction. It comes in an array of designs and patterns to suit any d├ęcor.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Add opulence to your bathroom and respect the environment by looking into recycled glass tiles. The patterns and mosaics on these tiles add traction in a slick environment. You can even use glass flooring tiles to create a gleaming floor or recycled glass wall tiles to create a seemingly jeweled wall. Blend either the flooring or wall tiles with marble or granite for an awe-inspiring design.

Traditional Marble and Granite

Traditional bathroom material choices like granite and marble offer the water resistance needed in the warm, moist environment of a bathroom. Both also lend an air of sophistication and an easy-to-clean surface. Since either can become slick, use them on the walls, and choose a flooring option like glass tiles that offers superior traction. There’s a reason these materials have been popular for so many years!

Let us at Bailey Remodeling help you design and build a bathroom that suits your needs. We can craft a unique bath for your home using top-quality materials that address your aesthetic and your values. Call today to get started!