Making it Right When Things Go Wrong

Life isn’t perfect, and neither is remodeling — or remodelers. You look at all the finished photos and everything looks beautiful. You read the reviews and they’re all raves. But you’ve also heard renovation horror stories from neighbors or friends, about contractors who screwed up or pulled off a con job, not a remodeling job. 

There are so many working parts and tradespeople and schedules that mistakes can happen.

The biggest difference between a good remodeler and the ones you hear disastrous stories about is how they handle things when something goes wrong. We guarantee we’ll make it right. While these kinds of errors don’t happen often, when they do, we’re there to fix the problems — and it’s why our clients place their trust in us in the first place.

The Tale of the Tile

We were working on a master bathroom remodel, and the tile was delivered. We made sure the tile was what was ordered and installed it. But the boxes were mislabeled. When we realized that the tile was not what the client selected, we took up the wrong tile, reordered and double-checked that is was indeed what our client wanted, installed the correct tile.

Nailed It

In an open-concept remodel, our subcontractor installed the hardwood floor, then sanded and finished it. Over the next year, after the job was done, our client called to say that nails kept backing up above the level of the floor. Turns out the floor installer sanded too much. We went back in — with a different trade partner — to remove the year-old floor, and relayed it all over again. Correctly.

When Your Ceiling’s Also a Floor

When you take a room down to the studs, even the flooring, sometimes someone misses a step and hits the ceiling of the room below. That punches a foot-sized hole in the drywall. While it doesn’t happen often, when it does, we patch it, sand it, and repaint the entire ceiling so that no trace is left.

A Matter of Trust

Your trust in us is something we value highly and take seriously.

Our team works together, and we all hold each other accountable to Bailey Remodeling’s high standards in design, craftsmanship, and customer service. And yeah, part of that is making things right in the rare instance that they go wrong. We don’t offer excuses, or turn and run.

We stand up and take care of the situation. It’s the right thing to do.