Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoying open spaces has never felt better. Due to COVID-19, we have all been cooped up at home and isolated from family and friends. Simply having dinner outside or entertaining in a small group under the stars are welcome reprieves to the tedium of indoor life. Now that our area is beginning to re-open, imagine how much more enjoyable those outdoor spaces would be if they were designed with meal prep and entertaining in mind?  

At Bailey Remodeling, we love designing and building outdoor living and entertaining spaces. In this article, we share some of the best ways to outfit your own outside environment to make the most of, and even extend, the time you can comfortably live, entertain, and relax in the great outdoors — right outside your own doors. Read on for great ideas for your own deck or patio remodel.

Improved Outdoor Cooking

There’s so much more to cooking, eating, and entertaining outdoors than just throwing some burgers and dogs on the grill. A fully functional outdoor kitchen keeps your inside kitchen cooler and cleaner, while also cutting down on trips in and out. 

You can have it all outdoors — a sink, cooktop, refrigeration, dishwasher, and copious storage for everything you need in an outdoor kitchen. With the proper design, an outdoor kitchen becomes its own zone, with a dining area close-by. A built-in grill, whether you prefer gas or coals, gives you counter space to keep your sauces, tools, and serving platters handy and ready to use. If you love to smoke your own ribs, chicken, or fish, we can build a smoker feature in too. Don’t forget about garbage, recycling, and compost bins — if you’re cooking outside a lot, having a place to conceal those items is a must.

It’s important to design and build your outdoor kitchen safely, allowing for sufficient distance between your dwelling and the source of heat. The professionals at Bailey Remodeling are current on all building codes and ordinances, so your project will be constructed in compliance with all local regulations, with your safety in mind. 

Fresh Air Entertaining

Plenty of space outside is ideal for entertaining family and friends. To make sure your party can go on rain or shine, having a sheltered area in addition to open-air space is ideal. Depending on your preference, an open-air structure or screened porch are both great solutions for shade on hot sunny days, and keeping dry even on a rainy day or night. Add a ceiling fan or two for cooling breezes (that are also an eco-friendly way to repel mosquitoes and other flying pests). With a weather-safe structure, you can easily add outdoor electronics or componentry, like a full speaker system or flat-screen TV.

Plan for plenty of seating choices. Built-in benches around the perimeter of a deck or patio create places for sitting and chatting. Create smaller conversation areas with low tables and comfy chairs in front of the benches to encourage a good flow and relaxing vibe for your guests.

A popular feature for everyday living and entertaining is a built-in bar serving and seating area. It’s a great place for kids to eat snacks or meals, while also serving as a gathering point for more adult parties and beverages.

With that in mind, consider the convenience of having a bar area with a bar sink, ice maker, and refrigerators for soft drinks, mixers, and your choice of beer. A wine fridge will keep your favorite bottles cool and refreshing. To really kick the experience up to the next level, a built-in tap can bring the freshness of a brewpub to your backyard.

Fire Features

One of the most sought-after amenities in new outdoor spaces is a fire feature. As with grills, there are people who love gas and those who prefer a wood fire, or a combination of the two. Whatever your fuel choice, a fire pit or fireplace creates a natural gathering spot and the warmth it gives will extend the time you can spend outside during the spring and fall. 

Inspiration & Conversation

You can get more inspiration and ideas for your own outside living and entertaining space in our Gallery. We’d love to talk to you about making your own outdoor oasis, so give us a call at 502-749-1586, or go to the Start Project link below.