Kitchen Renovations Ideas To Try In 2020

Recent studies from the construction industry indicate that of those who renovated their home in 2018, 28% handled general repairs, 31% remodeled their bathrooms, and 26% planned a kitchen remodel. Of all the renovations done in 2018, kitchen renovations provided the best value to the homeowners. Therefore, if you are planning any first-floor remodeling this year, you should consider kitchen remodeling.

Here are some trendy kitchen renovation ideas for 2020.

1. Smart Kitchens

Technology is taking over homes, especially the kitchen. Today, you have an opportunity to have an integrated kitchen with technology helping you to handle most of the activities in the room.

A smart kitchen can offer sensors that can control kitchen lighting while switching off the heater when you are not around to save on energy. You can also include a smart vacuum cleaner in your kitchen that will clean your kitchen floor automatically.

2. Cabinet Colors

Traditional kitchen remodels had an affinity for white, and there is no doubt that white cabinets presented a classic look. However, the color white is now being phased out. Kitchen remodeling experts are now moving to deep pops of color as black, navy, dark green and emerald are the bold colors that are making an entry into the kitchen.

3. Effective Storage Solutions

Storage has always been an issue of concern in most kitchens. The traditional cabinets that many people have been using make for inefficient use of space. As you plan your kitchen renovations, effective storage solutions will help you to store more, especially in a smaller kitchen. Some of the new storage solutions that you should consider include roll-out trays, drawer dividers, and wastebasket cabinets. With increasing numbers of kitchen utensils now available, it is essential to be creative when it comes to storage.

4. Hardwood Flooring

Kitchen flooring has always been an issue of concern among many homeowners. Ceramic tiles have dominated the past decade. However, people are now looking for something that can offer more warmth and texture. Hardwood flooring is becoming a popular option in kitchen renovation ideas.

5. Multi-Purpose Kitchens

As a homeowner, you may have already experienced a number of challenges, often related to limited space. Therefore, the kitchen is becoming a multipurpose room with tables and other seating and gathering space options. This not only increases the living area, but it also makes the kitchen a more comfortable place.

6. Connecting with the Outdoors

Many homeowners are experimenting with connecting their kitchens with the outdoors. As you brainstorm renovations, this is something that you should think about. It generally works best to connect your kitchen with the outdoor patio using a sliding door for a seamless indoor-outdoor space.

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