What Kitchen Design Trends Should You Consider In Your Next Remodeling Project

Are you thinking of doing a home remodel? If so, then you are among the 80% of homeowners that have plans for home improvement projects. You may want to do a basement renovation, kitchen remodeling, or a first floor remodel project.


If you are considering doing kitchen renovations, these are some of the trends that have caught the interior design world in a trance.


1. Darker Stone Countertops and Dark Cabinets


Dark countertops have been used since sometime in the early 2000s and usually paired with white cabinets. However, most homeowners are now going for a leathered and honed look for the stone countertops. This look is incredibly elegant and contemporary, and when done right looks vintage and classic.


In modern times, instead of the traditional bright white cabinets, people are now pairing their dark stone with dark cabinetry. This gives your kitchen a dark and moody vibe. This is one timeless trend you can incorporate into your kitchen renovations.


2. Wall Storage


This trend is well suited to bring an element of beauty to your kitchen. It entails lining your walls with elegant and huge cabinets, giving you a beautiful and functional kitchen. It hides all the usually apparent chaos of utensils, spices, and small appliances, making your kitchen tidy and neat.


3. Using Statement Appliances


This entails the installation of unique and ornate appliances that are both functional and attractive. These appliances are beautifully designed and crafted into pieces of art. They, therefore, may not be very affordable but are incredibly unique.


They put a new gloss in your kitchen by making bold statements. They also take over the way your kitchen looks, and all future design options usually revolve around them. You should consider installing at least one of these appliances during your kitchen renovations.


4. Using Suspended Lighting


This is also called linear lighting. Many homeowners are now shying away from pendant lights and opting for suspended and linear lighting. Although it is a modern lighting option, many models in the market have that linear look but come with a vintage design.


Suspended lights make a room seem well lit and clean. Usually, minimal wiring is visible, unlike with pendant lights. Trading hanging light bulbs for linear lighting is something you should do during your kitchen renovation.


5. Inset and Cut-Out Handles


This is a clean and seamless look that is quite arresting in its simplicity. Instead of generic handle and knobs, use inset or cut out handles on all your kitchen furniture. This makes your furniture look less dramatic and much more straightforward.


With this trend, wobbly knobs and loose handles will easily become a thing of the past. This type of cabinetry is usually more custom and may cost you a little bit more, but it gives your kitchen a classy and personal aura. This is a trend you should definitely consider during your kitchen renovations.


6. 100% Stone: Stone Counters, Backsplashes, and Shelves


Most homeowners are embracing seamlessness in their kitchen renovation. It involves using one material on your counter, backsplash, and shelves. Having a single open shelf on your countertops portrays simplicity and forces you to be more economical with space. It also enhances tidiness.


Having all the surfaces in your kitchen made from the same material may seem repetitive and boring, but can you really use too much stone? If you are one for bold and shiny decor, this is a trend that will suit you perfectly during your kitchen renovations.


7. Colored Cabinets


For the longest time, most people have had modest cabinets, usually painted all white. However, homeowners are now gravitating towards bold cabinetry that is intent on making a statement. Choosing the perfect color is crucial if you wish to set a certain mood in your kitchen.


Be careful when painting your cabinets a particular color and make sure the color and your furniture are compatible. If this is difficult, remember that you can always repaint your kitchen table to get it in line with the general theme.


Final Words


Most of these trends are complicated and technical to set up. This is why you should hire a professional home renovations company to handle it for you. This way, you are sure to get a beautiful kitchen and value for your money.