Improve Your Living Space with an Open Concept Remodel

Whether you are considering renovating a dated home, or you’re about to invest in an older home and plan to remodel, there are many reasons to consider adopting an open concept layout. Open concept renovations are characterized by removing barriers between adjoining rooms so that the spaces flow together more efficiently. Not only is the resulting layout more functional, it’s generally brighter and more attractive, creating a welcoming atmosphere for family members, friends, and guests.

If you are about to embark on a remodeling project, here are five benefits to an open design concept to illustrate how removing or relocating walls can help you enjoy a better quality of life at home.

1. Open Space Easily Creates Order and Flow

An open design enhances order and traffic flow for your living room, dining room, and kitchen so that family members can multitask, share child-rearing responsibilities more easily, and combine work and home-life effectively. Homeowners with an open design are able to cook meals or put the groceries away at the same time as they keep an eye on pets and kids, especially toddlers and rambunctious teenagers. Not only that, the open concept allows a living area to feel spacious yet also have a deep sense of connection and closeness for family members, friends, and guests.

2. Great for Entertaining

Because an open design allows family members and guests to interact throughout multiple rooms, it is great for entertaining of all kinds, especially holiday entertaining. In the open design layout pictured here, guests can feel closer and more appreciative of the events happening in the kitchen–such as cooking, preparing, and cleaning up–at the same time as they enjoy the jokes and conversation in the living room, with kids playing board games and digging into the chips and salsa at the dining room table. With such an inviting open concept as this one, entertaining is easy and more joyful, and hosts always know when to replenish the food and drinks from a quick glance, as well as keep an eye on more vulnerable family members and guests who need attending to. 

3. Perfect to Help with Family Connection and Dynamics

As kids head back to school and begin their normal routines again, parents can stay connected to them while prepping after-school snacks or dinner on one island, while the kids do their homework on the second island. A double-island configuration keeps foot traffic away from the primary work station where the chef needs to focus on organizing, planning family meals, and cleaning up. Meal prep becomes more efficient because there is no congestion from other household members, yet the kids are never out of sight and also get to stay focused at their designated space. The double-island and open concept helps maintain a calm, peaceful, and efficient energy to get tasks done while staying centered on family time.

4. Brighten Your Days and Nights

The great thing about an open concept design is the absence of barriers between rooms. Openness allows flow, and that is especially relevant to lighting in both day and night. Multiple rooms can take advantage of the natural light from strategically placed windows, brightening those adjoining spaces considerably during daylight hours. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the extra lighting homeowners sometimes need to use in closed rooms during the day. At night, the entire space also glows warmly with the use of multiple lamps and light fixtures, as well as the option of overhead dimmers. As the sun sets, an open concept allows for a peaceful ambiance perfect for reading, planning the next day’s events or meals, cleaning up, or listening to jazz. 

5. Cohesive Design

With so many options out there for decorating, streamlining the design options in an open concept design can help reduce stress and anxiety about how to decorate multiple rooms. The hardwood flooring pictured in this home lends to a clean, cohesive design, which is one benefit of going with an open concept. Such an approach allows homeowners to keep a good foundation of colors and textures while adding accents for a bit of fun and flair.