How to Turn Your Basement Into an Entertainment Area

Want to make your home in Louisville more enjoyable and increase the value of the property? Convert the basement into a finished entertainment area. According to the Motley Fool, a finished basement can increase the value of a home by up to 70%. While the square footage of a finished basement isn’t added to the square footage of the home, many buyers still view that area as an enhanced livable space to entertain and work. Below are a few basement renovation tips that can help you create an entertainment space.

Finish the Space With Light Floors and Paint

Basement renovations always start with the necessities, and drywall, paint, and flooring should be at the top of the list. Very few people want to hang out in an area with concrete walls and floors. One thing to remember with walls and floors is to use light neutral colors. That’s especially true if your basement doesn’t have much natural light. Lighter colors can make your basement look more spacious and welcoming.

Create a Focal Point

Most entertainment spaces have some kind of central focal point for everyone’s attention. In most cases, the focal point is a large television or projector. If you’re creating a space to watch movies, you may want to get a wall-sized projection screen and add recliners to the space. For a more sports-focused basement, consider adding a bar with a flat-screen TV behind it. Guests can gather around the bar to watch the big game. A central focal point will help people gather in one location in the basement.

Install Games and Other Entertainment

A television is nice to watch movies and sports, but you may want other forms of entertainment as well. There is a wide range of popular entertainment options for basements. A pool table is always a fun choice, as well as air hockey and ping pong tables. You could opt for arcade games or even a tabletop gaming system, and a card table could be great for poker nights with your friends and family. Give your guests a fun way to spend time in your basement when they visit your Louisville home.

Keep your guests and entertainment in mind when planning your basement renovations. With some advanced planning, you can build great entertainment space for your family and friends. Contact our team today to start your basement renovations.