Have Your Happy Hour at Home: Home Bar Must-Haves

No need to go out, you can have a happening Happy Hour at home. Build your own and belly up to the bar and bring the party to you with space-saving home bar appliances and equipment. Whether you want a wine bar near the kitchen, a full pub-style wet bar as part of a lower-level remodel, or a fully stocked outdoor patio bar, your possibilities are almost endless.

Keeping it Cool

Keep things cool with an under-counter beverage fridge — or two. One to keep your wine collection at optimum storage temps, and another to chill those craft brews, soft drinks and mixers. There are also refrigerated drawers you can build into the bar or the back-bar for convenience.

For the beer enthusiast, consider adding your own draft beer system. One, two, or more keg systems and taps will have you pouring like a pro — and don’t forget the drip tray underneath to keep clean-up easy and for that touch of authenticity.

Keeping it Clean

To make your life easier, a dedicated dishwasher for the glassware and snack plates in the bar keeps you from making trips to the kitchen. In addition to the bar sink, consider a larger sink for rinsing glasses, plates, cutlery, or serveware. 

Build in storage for cleaning products, too, so you can handle the inevitable spills right away.

Making it Tasty

What’s a Happy Hour without snacks and nibbles? Incomplete. Though you might not need full-size cooking equipment, there are many options for smaller convection ovens, microwave drawers, or small cooktops with a burner or two. We’ve built in a beehive oven for pizzas and other deliciousness for a client’s outside bar and kitchen.

When you’re designing your home bar for the best entertaining and hanging out space possible, it’s go big AND go home! If you’re thinking of adding a happy hour spot to your home or any other remodeling ideas, give us a call at 502-749-1586 or send an email to tyler@baileyremodel.com. Cheers!