Your Guide to Turning Your Basement into an In-Law Suite

Per Home Advisor, the average remodel for a basement may have a 70% return on investment. One of the most popular reasons for a basement remodel is turning your space into an in-law suite. After all, basement finishing is typically the best way to include another living space in your home without sacrificing privacy too. The answer is to convert your basement into an in-law suite.

It takes excellent planning using design-build professionals to achieve your goal. You should make it a top priority to find those that are experienced in basement finishing. A knowledgeable design build remodeling contractor knows how to create a beautiful second home within your house. Here are some considerations you should make before diving into your new project.

Contact a Great Design Build Firm for Basement Finishing

Converting an unfinished basement into a suite or apartment is the beginning of a major home makeover. Working with design-build contractors allows you to relax knowing they will meet all code and safety requirements. You will also benefit from many consultations from the planning to design and building stages. Basement renovations can be fully customized to fit the needs of your in-laws or even other tenants.

Is There Sufficient Headroom?

Most codes require finished ceilings to be at the minimum of 7-ft. 6-in. If you are already starting with a basement ceiling that is lower than that, sufficient headroom will need to be created. So, either the basement floor needs to be lowered or the house needs to be raised. It’s a big undertaking, but it is possible to accomplish.

Raising your house is a great strategy because it allows more window height and natural light to enter the suite. If, for any reason, the foundation of your home needs to be replaced, now is the perfect time to do it. The other option of lowering the floor involves supporting the house, removing the existing slab, excavating, as well as augmenting or even replacing part or all of the drainage system and foundation.

Either option includes the foundation being inspected for repairs or replacement. This is essential to your overall house structure. You can depend on expert Kentucky design-build contractors to assist you in making the choice to raise or lower your home to provide the necessary headroom.

Windows and Doors Are Ideal for a Basement Remodel

A converted basement should have a direct, safe means to reach the outside. Consider installing a door to meet code standards and provide a little independence. It gives the tenants a private way to enter and exit their home. If there are windows, but they are tiny, have them enlarged and install egress-compliant windows that are larger.

You could also consider having more windows added since sunshine can be hard to receive in a basement-dwelling. Windows let air in and maximize natural light. This is key in making an in-law suite feel like home. If there is no room for additional windows, consider adding window wells.

There are also interior solutions you can consider if you want a brighter space. Add more lighting in dark corners where sunshine doesn’t reach. Also, choose dimmable halogen lighting and warm luminous bulbs to craft a more welcoming space. After all, bright lights can make a space feel more like a hospital than a living space.

Transition Your Basement into a Separate Home

A unique collective of thinkers, designers, and builders can transition an unfinished basement into the in-law suite of your dreams. Your home deserves the attention to detail provided by top design-build firms. When you’re ready to craft an in-law suite, rely on Bailey Remodeling to get the job completed.