How A First Floor Remodel Can Transform Your Space

Although you may love your home’s location, the house itself may have an unsatisfying layout. Since many were built some years back, a remodel can bring them up to date. For example, 85% of the nation’s homes were constructed before 1980, and they naturally require some home improvements. Fortunately, a first floor remodel can transform your house and improve the home’s flow in a cohesive manner. This article details how first floor remodels can transform your home.

Open up Your Space

One of the main advantages of a first floor remodel is the ease of integrating an open floor layout. Due to older homes’ limitations, kitchen remodels alone don’t automatically allow for an open floor plan. However, when a more holistic approach is applied, an open plan is achievable. Open plans allow extra inviting and open space in a house. This is achieved by integrating the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and knocking down walls.

Design the Kitchen According to the Homeowner’s Preference

Most people spend significant time in their kitchens. A first floor remodel allows the transformation of a kitchen space to meet the homeowner’s specific needs. Older kitchens usually lack some luxuries, such as Energy Star-rated appliances, high-quality cabinetry, smart home integrations, upscale countertops and tiles, kitchen islands, cooking amenities like pot-filler faucets, and built-in refrigerators. Installation of these features can make your kitchen feel more modern and add some space.

Tailor Space Based On the Homeowner’s Lifestyle

A remodel of the entire floor allows the owner to focus on the coexistence of the rooms. Remodeling in portions creates the need to concentrate on the functionality of each room in the current layout and future layout.

Add Space

House additions are commonly scheduled in the initial first floor remodels. For some people, adding space in their home is an essential element in achieving their desired remodel design and can assist in opening things up and realizing their dream.

Update Bathrooms

Some homeowners face the challenge of having small-sized bathrooms that are simply outdated. A first floor remodel enables the borrowing of space to make a small-sized bathroom bigger, whether adding a shower or not. Bigger bathrooms are ideal for large and growing families and can help in reducing stress in the morning for everyone.

A first floor remodel can significantly transform your house and help you in realizing your dream home. This project should be smooth, efficient, and effective.