Family-Friendly Louisville Renovation

After more than a year of near-constant togetherness at home, many families are seeking a bit more space. Moving to a larger home is one solution, but a whole-home remodel may be even better.

A recent article in the Courier-Journal highlighted a family of four and their recent whole-home remodel by Bailey Remodeling. We transformed their space by creatively reconfiguring the layout for an updated and comfortable home that perfectly fits their family — no moving required.

Fun & Fabulous Finished Basement


Teenagers need a space to hang out and have fun with their friends — while staying within earshot of their parents. This family crafted the perfect solution with a teen space in their finished basement. With a comfortable area to watch tv and plenty of storage shelves for games, this area is perfect for entertaining. It’s also a great getaway when they need a little separation from mom and dad.

Less Stress with More Bathrooms


Having only one bathroom for a family of four was challenging to say the least. Their newly remodeled home now has three, including a creatively designed full bath that formerly was a small closet. Now that no one has to wait to take a shower, there are no more excuses to be late for school!

Spacious Kitchen with Plenty of Seating


An important item on the family’s wish list was expanding their kitchen and adding a large center island.  A vast improvement from their cramped galley kitchen, they now have room to sit together, enjoy a meal, or get help with homework.  

If your family has outgrown your house but you don’t want to move, a whole-home renovation could be the perfect solution. Homeowners are often surprised about how much functionality and style they can add by reconfiguring their layout and maximizing their space.

Wondering if a whole-home renovation is right for you and your family? Contact us today for a consultation!