Fall 2019 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen remodelingHome improvement is a common undertaking for many homeowners around the country. Studies show that more than 85% of all homes around the country were built before 1980, which is a clear indication that they are in dire need of improvement. As a homeowner, you know that kitchen forms one of the central sections of your home. Remodeling your kitchen will have significant impacts on your house. Here are some key kitchen remodeling ideas that you can explore.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets is one of the kitchen remodeling ideas that should top your list. You should never accept a situation where your kitchen cabinets look outdated. Having outdated kitchen cabinets will not only lower the value of your home but will scare your guests. You don’t have to replace your old kitchen cabinets. Simple handcrafted wood cabinet pulls and fresh paint will do the trick.

2. Add Eye-Catching Backsplash

Adding eye-catching backsplash is a welcome kitchen renovation idea because it requires less labor but has maximum visual impact. Don’t go for do-it-yourself backsplashes because you’re likely to make a mistake. Consider a remodeling expert to handle your kitchen backsplashes and you can be sure that you will get positive results. Some of the common kitchen backsplashes that you can incorporate include veneer stone, laminate flooring planks, tile decals, and wallpapers.

3. Paint Your Kitchen

Painting your kitchen may look like an ordinary kitchen remodeling idea to people who have very little knowledge about design. However, remodeling experts indicate that color is the perfect spice you can use to induce life in your room. If you want to remodel your kitchen to exude pleasant space and liveliness, you must choose the right color that is consistent with your tastes and preferences. All-white kitchen color scheme is traditional, timeless, and will add great value to your kitchen.

4. Hang Some Fantastic Pendant Lights

If you resonate well with kitchen lighting, hanging some fantastic pendant lights will take your kitchen to another level. Well-designed kitchen lighting package does not only illuminate your kitchen but also becomes a center of attention. Pendant lighting will always announce itself to any person entering the kitchen. Pendant lighting is an executive kitchen remodeling strategy that needs to be used sensitively to avoid overwhelming the kitchen.

5. Digital Technology Appliances

In a comprehensive kitchen remodeling strategy, it is not all about the floors and spaces. It is also about what is in your kitchen. You need to revamp your kitchen with digital appliances since digital technology will continue to drive innovations and new pleasures in any area of the house. As you plan for kitchen renovations this fall, plan for electrical teapots and other kitchen appliances that can be controlled in remote areas.

6. Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been there for many years but very few people have them in their kitchens. Regardless of your kitchen space, find a way to accommodate a kitchen island so that you can bring your kitchen to the 21st century. There are multiple designs you can incorporate for kitchen islands. However, an experienced kitchen remodeling expert will offer you the best recommendation, depending on your kitchen shape. You can use your kitchen island to prepare food while standing or use it as a kitchen dining table.

7. Focus on Flooring

When you are undertaking first floor renovations, don’t forget to extend flooring to your kitchen. Floor renovation is a necessity, especially when doing a total kitchen transformation. There are multiple kitchen flooring ideas out there that you need to analyze them. Some of the common flooring ideas include glazed ceramic tiles and wood flooring, among others. Aesthetic appeal, durability, and easy-to-clean are some of the factors that will guide you on the type of flooring idea that you will consider.

These are some of the kitchen renovation ideas that you can incorporate this year. For kitchen remodeling Louisville, Kentucky, contact designers and builders that think your kitchen deserves great care and attention to details. They will provide state of the art kitchen remodeling services that will bring aesthetics and insatiable appeal to your kitchen.