Dreaming of a Remodeled Kitchen

If you’re like many of the homeowners we work with, this time of year you’re dreaming of a new, remodeled kitchen. It’s triggered by the frustration or exasperation felt while keeping up with holiday cooking and entertaining while working in an underperforming kitchen. 

Even if you absolutely know that you need a new and better kitchen, it can be an intimidating remodeling project. But if you start planning now, you can be baking, braising, and roasting in your new and improved space by the time you’re shopping for your Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings.


Wants & Needs

Now’s the time to note exactly what frustrated you about your kitchen during the holiday frenzy and the rest of the year. It could be storage for pantry items or your pots, pans, and baking sheets. Maybe your countertops get cramped by baking or cooking prep and cluttered with small appliances like a stand mixer, food processor, or Instant Pot. 

Did you have to do the one-oven shuffle — up at the crack of dawn to bake the pies or cookies before the turkey or roast had to go in for hours, then quickly cram in all the sides to warm or cook while the meat rested? Imagine how much easier having two ovens would be, and not just at holiday time.

Having a detailed idea of what the problems were will set you up to solve them in your renovated kitchen.


Traffic Flow

A different floorplan can go a long way in improving the function of your kitchen space. Creating zones for prep, cooking, and clean-up can help you and your family clean as you go and avoid that depressing pile of pots and pans overflowing the sink. 

A large island can create generous storage areas for cooking utensils, pots and pans and small appliances, and cut the clutter on your countertops. It can also create a seating area and allow folks to hang out — because the party is always in the kitchen — while separated from the work zones. In quieter times, having island seating provides the ideal place for a quick snack on a busy day, for the kids to do homework after school, or for a quiet glass of wine as the house settles down for the night.



If there’s one thing we hear time and again, it’s that kitchens need more storage. Having a place to keep all your cooking and baking supplies out of sight, but organized and accessible, keeps your workspace uncluttered and easier to work in throughout the year. 

Don’t suffer needlessly through another frustrating holiday. A remodeled kitchen is an investment in your home and quality of life for years to come. If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen, give us a call at 502-749-1586, email us at tyler@baileyremodel.com, or click the Start Project button below.