Creating a Getaway at Home

Spending more time at home is the new normal for the foreseeable future. When your home looks and functions the way you want it to, it’s much easier to stay in while keeping everyone in the family happy. For harried parents juggling working from home with keeping up with school and activities, a place to retreat, relax, and rejuvenate is a new necessity. 

Making a Relaxing Retreat

With all the stress that’s been placed on families, having a relaxing place to retreat can be a lifesaver. Enter the master suite. A renewed master bedroom suite can pamper you the way a stay at a well-appointed boutique hotel does. Consider updating yours with a spa-like bathroom equipped with an enlarged shower enclosure complete with elegant geometric tile and a luxurious rain shower head. Whatever your preference, we can design and build the ideal master bath where you can escape from the worries of the day.

Work From Home in Peace

A dedicated and functional home office has gone from “nice to have” to a “must-have” for productivity and peace of mind. Even if you’re back to work in your office part-time right now, having a private, quiet space those other days can be the difference between being efficiently productive and distracted and stressed. Being able to shut the door on household chaos or your dog barking at the mail carrier allows you to concentrate and keep your finger off the mute button during online meetings. A beautiful background while you video conference can boost your confidence too.

Form & Function

A recent master bedroom suite with home office remodeling project in Cherokee Gardens ticks all those boxes. Our clients needed to rethink their space. The bedroom area lacked closet space, the master bathroom was outdated and cramped — and was only accessible from the hallway so privacy was a concern. The home office was dated and didn’t have the design sophistication of the rest of the house. 

We updated and enlarged the bath, with a new roomy walk-in shower and added storage space. This clean spa-inspired space now opens directly into the master bedroom, which has custom wood details and wall sconces for added character.

The home office was transformed through color and architectural details to create an inviting and stylish room. It’s flooded with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows, complementing the glossy nautical blue hue on the walls and ceilings. A statement chandelier adds drama and a bit of whimsy to this workspace. When our clients are ready to relax after a long day, a pair of comfortable chairs and a cozy fireplace transform this room into a private, welcoming den away from the din of everyday life.

View more photos of this project on Houzz.

If you need a staycation destination or private space to work from home, give us a call at 502-749-1586 or fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you create the ideal getaway in the comfort of your own home!