Create a Comforting Home Retreat

We’ve all been spending more time at home this spring, and the need for a comfortable — and comforting — space is stronger than ever. While we’re grappling with the changes in life, work, and school, your home becomes more of a retreat than ever. But it’s also more crowded, with people and activities throughout the day and night.

This is a perfect opportunity to look at how your home feels and functions, and what changes might make life better for you and your family, giving everyone a space to be alone or together.

A Clutter-Free Kitchen

There’s no doubt your kitchen is working harder than ever right now, with more cooking, snacking, and groceries coming in. If your kitchen is outdated or lacks essential storage, clutter has likely become a constant source of frustration. And for many people, studies show that disorganization and visual messiness causes or increases discomfort and stress. We could all use a little more calm and serenity.

This is a perfect time to think about what changes you would make. That may mean adding pantry space for storage, enlarging your kitchen’s footprint to ease traffic flow, solving lighting problems, and creating workspaces for prepping, cooking, and clean-up.

One of the biggest sources of kitchen clutter is small appliances. When planning your kitchen layout, there are many ways to incorporate these devices into the design. Certain devices can be placed below the countertop. Microwave drawers, by way of example, have become an increasingly popular addition to a center island. Creating a dedicated coffee or beverage station is another way to reduce clutter around the main meal prep area. Beverage stations can also feature under-counter refrigerators. Appliance “garages” are special kitchen cabinets that are designed for storing things like pressure cookers, crock pots, and can openers. The appliances hide behind specialty cabinet doors, these specialty cabinets are another method we employ to keep appliances accessible while placing them out of sight to reduce visual clutter.

The Kid Zone

Making space in your home for your kids isn’t just a great way to keep the rest of the house a little cleaner and neater, but it will also help them use their imaginations, decrease screen time, and make learning more fun. Giving children their own space will encourage cooperation between siblings, and a sense of responsibility. Devoting part of a basement remodel, for example, as a play space for your children can be a great use of otherwise under-used or uncomfortable space.

A well-thought-out children’s play space can be comforting while having elements that inspire and engage them. Use natural elements and creative materials to spark imaginations. Building in smaller spaces, like a reading nook or a Harry Potter-inspired cupboard under the stairs gives kids special spaces that are scaled to their sizes. Having cubbies and shelves with plenty of room for storage will make it easier for them to keep their space organized (with a little help from Mom or Dad).

Your Own Spaces

You may also have noticed that you need a more private space to work more efficiently or just clear your head. With so many working from home, and students taking classes online, the benefits of having a true home office couldn’t be clearer.

Because it’s a workspace, it’s great to have room for a functional desk, with drawers for files and a large top to hold your laptop, monitor screen or screens, a notepad, your phone, and enough outlets to plug them all in. Built-in bookcases can enable this room to also function as a library or den when you’re not hard at work or on a video conference.

Even working at home can be tiring and stressful, and sometimes you need a getaway. A spa-like bathroom space can provide the perfect retreat — even if it’s only for an hour. Taking a long bath in a deep soaking tub can have health benefits too. Psychologists say a warm bath can elevate your mood, research shows taking one before bed can help you sleep better, and it’s a sure way to relieve aches and pains.

A remodeled bath can also make your mornings and nights less stressful, eliminating jockeying for mirror space, solving moisture (and mildew) problems with better ventilation, and create zones for increased privacy.

If you’ve got an idea for a home remodeling project that will make your life better, we’d love to talk to you about it. Give us a call at 502-749-1586 or fill out the form below, and we’ll help turn your dream into a reality.