The Best Kitchen Design Trends You Need to Try in 2020

Making changes to your home could do more than just make your home look good. Did you know that according to Home Advisor’s 2017 True Cost Report, the average basement remodel can give you up to a 70% return on investment? With kitchen remodeling, it can be just as high. Nonetheless, the most important thing is that your upgrades allow you to enjoy your kitchen more. These kitchen design trends in 2020 will have you wanting to start your next kitchen renovations soon.

Kitchen operated by technology

These days, everything in the home is being operated by technology. The kitchen is no exception. Today, more homes are trending towards a smart kitchen. In a smart kitchen, you can have a motion-sensing faucet that turns on when you put your hand under it. You can also have a refrigerator that is able to alert you when grocery items are running low. Beyond these unique advancements, more kitchens are being made to run through your smartphone. People are now able to adjust lighting and preheat ovens just by pressing a few buttons on their phone. The smart kitchen design is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Countertops made of quartz

A design that’s easy to maintain will always be popular with people. This is one of many reasons the quartz countertop will be a design trend this year. The material is very durable and also anti-microbial. Beyond these features, people find the quartz countertops to be a beautiful design and gives your kitchen an upscale look. While in the past there was little variety with quartz countertops, now they come in many different stone patterns and colors. Most homeowners tend to go with neutral colors, such as grey or white. Whatever your preference, this is a design worth considering for your countertops.

Floors with ceramic tiles

While hardwood floors are still common in most kitchens, ceramic tiles are becoming more popular among homeowners. It’s easier to maintain than the hardwood floors. Dirt can be easily swept away, and liquids can be easily mopped off the floor. This style of flooring is also crack resistant as well. It has the durability to last for many years. If you still desire the hardwood design, there are ceramic tiles that are styled to look similar to a hardwood floor. It can be designed to mimic a variety of different styles. That way you get the look you want, while still having the easy maintenance.

Kitchens with better storage

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are now being designed to make the most usage of space. For example, people are using drawer dividers for their utensils. They’re also using roll out trays for their pots and pans. Cabinet doors are even styled with shelves attached inside for extra storage. All of these trendy new tools are helping to make unnecessary kitchen space a thing of the past. Any homeowner would appreciate this kind of kitchen remodeling.

These new trends in kitchen designs are well-worth considering for your kitchen remodeling. They all provide better aesthetics and easier maintenance. Let these ideas inspire you to get started on creating a brand new kitchen for your home.