What Are the Benefits of Finishing Your Basement?

Many homeowners have not finished their basements, leaving the space somewhat unusable. Finishing a basement is an ideal way to expand your property’s workable square footage and increase your home’s resale value. In fact, a finished basement can increase your property’s value by up to 70%, according to Millionacres. But there are many other benefits to consider finishing a basement, as well. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider a basement renovation.

More Possibilities

There are many options to consider when you decide on a basement renovation. You can increase the usable space in your home by a third with a basement renovation, but you can also open up new possibilities for your lifestyle. Depending on the type of basement renovation you choose, you could create an office, a guest room, a gym, or a family room. You might even end up with a basement apartment you can use to supplement your income or provide housing for an elderly loved one. The possibilities are endless when you finish your basement — and you can get more out of your home than you ever imagined.

Resale Value

By adding usable space to your home, you’ll end up increasing its value. A basement renovation can often provide a 70% return on investment, which can make a huge difference if you plan to sell your home in the future. Some buyers will not even consider a house without a finished basement. Not only will you and your family love this renovated space, but you’ll be adding an in-demand feature that other families will love.

Energy Efficiency

A basement renovation is a great way to make your house more energy efficient. When the basement remains unfinished, it often lacks proper insulation. As a result, air escapes and energy is wasted. When a basement is finished, drywall and insulation are added to maintain a constant temperature and reduce energy loss.

To benefit from added energy efficiency and overall safety, it’s critical that a basement remodel is completed by professionals. Working with reputable remodelers will ensure your basement is energy efficient and protected from other kinds of damage.

Added Storage

Some homeowners find that they don’t have enough storage space to stay organized. As a result, they may have a cluttered home — and a basement that becomes a dumping ground for miscellaneous items. A basement renovation can be a great way to provide more room for organization in the house. It gives the ability to add shelving or cabinets for storage, as well as keep everything organized.

There are countless reasons to consider a basement renovation. Working with a professional renovation company can help determine the best way to make use of the space while meeting your needs. For more information, please contact us today.