Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Consider

If you own a home for an extended period of time there is a good chance that you will want to remodel that home. This is in part because 80% of houses in the United States are at least 20 years old. When you live in a house that requires renovations, it’s important to go from room to room, with a plan of attack. A great place to start is the bathroom. There is a lot of value in a remodeled bathroom but the reality is that some trends age better than others. Let’s look into some bathroom remodeling trends that you should consider if you’re starting renovations soon.

1. Retro Styling

It’s always a good idea to evoke the past tastefully. You might want to look back into what people were doing for bathroom design a few decades ago, and move from there. For example, pink bathrooms used to be quite popular. Your remodeling contractor can help you choose the right color of light pink for the walls, or simply choose pink accents for your bathroom, with black and white tile floors. An old-fashioned vanity or clawfoot tub may also work for this type of detail.

2. Natural Details

Why not incorporate nature into the look of your bathroom? Think about bringing in potted plants that work within humid settings. On the other hand, teal or blue tiles could evoke water, and create a sense of naturalism in the bathroom. Marble could also be a great option. Make sure to discuss with your remodeling contractor the best design for your bathroom.

3. Patterns

Fun patterns, whether they’re in wallpaper or in your tile floor, may be a good idea for your new bathroom design. Different patterns will of course create a different vibe. For example, a Greek patterned wallpaper could give your bathroom a more Mediterranean feel, while birds and flowers create a sense of energy, and again make the sense of the space more lively.

4. Bright Colors

The bolder the color, the more interesting it will make the space. Rather than muted tones and color schemes, you may want to throw up a splash of green with your bathroom vanity, or perhaps a deep blue wall. Depending on the side and lighting for your bathroom, your bathroom remodeling contractor can point you in the right direction

Ultimately, choose a design scheme that fits your sense of style, and the era of your home. While your bathroom may seem like a small space, it can make a big difference.