What to Keep in Mind In Basement Remodeling

Before considering any basement remodeling project, you must know certain things, including what the project will entail. According to Home Advisor, basement remodeling can include adding walls to create new rooms, plumbing for a bathroom, ductwork for HVAC, and electrical needs for a living space. But there are other things to know, so let’s find out more!

The Worth of Your House

You should think about the ultimate worth of your home before starting a basement remodeling project. Therefore, you need a home appraisal, and you can also see what other homeowners have done to decide if what you’re planning is a good investment. For a great investment, it would make sense to get the latest stylish furniture, flooring, and more if you plan on staying in your home for a while or selling in the future. Regardless of the worth of your house, your design-build remodeling contractor will be able to guide you toward the best investments for your home.

The Water Situation

Since most basements are built below ground, they will accumulate moisture over time. Before any remodeling begins, you should check the water and moisture situation. Basements are usually structured on concrete and as such, the material can let water seep through the pores, leading to water damage, puddles, cracks, and more. If you have such issues, your basement will need pre-modeling, using a moisture meter to check all the current fixtures. Checking the water and moisture situation is something your design-build remodeling contractors will do to ensure your basement is ready for remodeling before the project begins.

The Local Permits and Rules

Most basement remodeling projects require specific permits, and there are usually local regulations all homeowners must meet. If you fail to do so, you might be fined. Some people might want to build an in-law suite, but city codes might not allow creating a kitchen, or they have limits on what appliances you can install. Therefore, your design-build remodeling contractors will check that your remodeling plans are all up to code and allowed before starting your project.

Now that you know what to keep in mind before basement remodeling, it’s time to start your project. Contact us at Bailey Remodeling in Louisville for all your renovation needs and get the luxury area you have always desired!