Basement Benefits: 4 Reasons to Finish Yours Today

Having a home you’re proud of is something that people all over want. If you often find yourself avoiding the basement or you’re reminding guests to be careful when going down the stairs, then it’s time to rethink getting a finished basement. Keep reading to learn about the four benefits of this design-build remodeling project.

1. You Can Host

The basement is a great place to host birthday parties, movie nights, and more; but that’s only if it’s finished. With a basement remodeling team, you can customize the space to fit your needs, whether that includes a comfortable seating area around the television or an open floor plan for a billiards room.

2. You Can Have Great Resale Value

If you’re selling your home, then you can truly stand to gain from a finished basement. According to LendingTree, about 72% of homeowners are considering remodeling their homes. Many of which are doing so for the resale value. You don’t want your basement to look outdated and run down when other homes on the market are completely finished. With a newly designed and finished basement, you can get more money out of your sale!

3. You’ll Feel Safer

It’s not safe to walk down unfinished stairs or stand under open ceilings. Even if you don’t have young children in the home, this is a safety hazard. Without properly finished walls, you’re at greater risk for water damage, as well. Keep your home in good condition by finishing all aspects of it!

4. You’ll Have Extra Living Space

One of the greatest benefits of a finished basement is the potential for an extra living area. Maybe one of your kids is getting older, and they’d like their own space. You can convert and customize the basement to fit a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a kitchenette. This space can also be used as a guest suite if you often have long-term visitors. When you work with reputable Kentucky remodelers, anything goes for your new basement.

If you’ve been putting off your basement remodeling project, then don’t wait any longer. As the Louisville remodelers homeowners count on for luxury, whole-home, kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling, we can create what you need. Call Bailey Design Build today to get started on your home.