Adding Outdoor Elements to Your Next Renovation

With an expected 2% annual growth through 2025, home remodeling continues to be a popular decision. For many homeowners, interior home improvement projects — such as kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, or bedroom redesigns — are the most important. But just because these rooms are inside your home doesn’t mean the end result has to feel dark and cut off from the outside world. In fact, your home will make a more welcoming impression if you’re able to bring a sense of the outside in. Here are just a few ways your design build remodeling contractors can create a seamless transition from inside to outside and make any room feel brighter, more natural, and more open.

Add Windows and Skylights

Lighting really determines how we feel in a given space. Ultimately, it’s not enough to have floor lamps and overhead lighting. Without natural light sources, your home may seem a bit dim. The best ways to add natural light and an open feel include adding large windows, skylights, or glass doors to a room whenever possible. Your Louisville remodelers may suggest enlarging an existing window in the kitchen, adding an extra entrance to the backyard, or including some well-placed skylights in a bathroom or bedroom to let nature come to you.

Include Plants in Your Design

There’s no better way to make indoors feel like an extension of your yard or garden than to include plants as part of a room’s permanent design. You might add hanging boxes for herbs to the kitchen wall, position some hanging baskets over the tub, or make succulents a statement feature in the foyer. Your Kentucky design build contractors can help you determine the best way to bring plants indoors in an effective way that won’t make a mess or require a ton of upkeep.

Use Natural or Exterior Materials

A good trick of design build remodeling is to not be limited by a specific use of a material. While that doesn’t mean you should use a non-durable floor in your kitchen or a material without water-resistant qualities in your bathroom, it does mean that you can often use materials originally intended for external use indoors. Shiplap, for example, was once limited to barns — but now, it can be found inside many houses throughout the United States as a coveted design feature. Using butcher block countertops, wood beams, and even brick pavers can create a more natural and relaxing indoor atmosphere.

If you’re looking to add charm and a sense of tranquility to your next renovation, your design build remodeling experts can help you bring the outdoors inside. For more information, please contact our team today.