A kitchen is the centerpiece of a home.

Recent kitchen renovation clients of ours have been truly inspirational. They’ve raised the bar for kitchen features in our designs. Redesign projects are truly a “team sport;” a product of creative collaboration between homeowners and the Bailey Build + Design team. 

We wanted to share with you some of the feature elements that have been showcased in these recently redesigned homes. Maybe you’ll want to include some of these elements in your own kitchen remodel.

Spice Drawer

No more pawing through a cabinet shelf (or shelves) of spices and seasonings in different-sized bottles and jars. We incorporated a spice drawer for our client that lays the spices out so their labels are easy to read, which makes their favorite seasoning for their favorite pasta dish easy to find. We also supplied them with a bunch of empty, uniform spice bottles to stock the drawer. Just transfer your spices into the bottles, customize the labels, and lay them in the drawer for instant organization.

The Right Hood Vent For the Job

We’ve all had the experience of burning something on the stove and setting off our smoke alarm. Then we’ve had to either disable it temporarily or stand beneath it, waving smoke away with a kitchen towel. (You know you’ve done this.) These powerful stove hoods vented to the outside remove so much of the smoke and the fumes from cooking, you’ll have to be watching your pots and pans to know if you’re burning something– and that is a good thing!

Double Oven

We’ve said before that we love the idea of double ovens. We wrote in our blog about professional home kitchens, that “your grandma probably had a double oven and so should you.” Whether you have a large family or just love to entertain, double ovens afford you the luxury to cook at least two dishes at once in the oven. Occasionally have a caterer or professional chef over to help you feed a party? They can warm up multiple courses at once. Dining for just a few? You can do what my grandma did and use the second oven to warm up the plates. No more serving piping-hot food on ice-cold plates!

Roll-Out Drawers Under Stove Top

If you’ve opted for a double oven, you’ve opened up a whole bunch of space under your stove top. Why not use that space for storing pots and pans? Several of our recent clients have requested customized cabinets under their stoves with roll-out drawers that accommodate their cookware and their lids. They’re easy to find, easy to match, and easy to access when you’re cooking. Brilliant.

Double Dishwashers

One of our clients has four kids at home– that’s a lot of dirty dishes every day. If you don’t want to be stuck loading, unloading, and reloading the dishwasher every night, consider double dishwashers. That client also has a swimming pool, so during the summer that’s a lot of glasses for cold beverages to clean. 

Like a double oven, double dishwashers are a life-saver if you entertain frequently. Keep the party going while you’re not stuck in the kitchen doing load after load of dishwashing to keep the party supplied with clean dishes, glasses, and utensils. 

Beverage Refrigerator

Another godsend if you have a big family or like to entertain. Beverages can take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen fridge. This is especially true if your family loves beverages in cans, like the super-trendy fizzy, flavored waters that are all the rage today. Keep your kitchen fridge sacrosanct for foods and snacks, and store your canned and bottled beverages in a dedicated, under the counter beverage fridge. Many of them have clear glass doors that let you observe easily when stocks are running low. 

Divided Utensil Drawer 

Few homeowners are strangers to buying utensil dividers at Target or Ikea. Most homes, we’d venture, have found some add-on way to keeping forks and spoons separate in their utensil drawers. But why not build that right into your kitchen remodel? Design drawers with separate sections for silverware, serving utensils, and cutlery. “A place for everything and everything in its place” should be the motto of every modern kitchen. 

These are just some of the great innovations that our clients and the Bailey Design + Build team have come up with to bring their kitchen designs into 2024. We have so many more features we can bring to your remodel. Just reach out to us and we can collaborate with you to make your kitchen more modern, efficient, and beautiful.