A Home To Grow Old In

Is your home truly designed to be your forever home? As many of our clients approach their golden years, they find that they need to make certain modifications throughout their houses to improve accessibility, comfort, and safety. From curbless showers & integrated grab bars, to appliances being on the lower cabinetry and relocating primary suites to the first-floor, there is so much you can do to adapt your home to your changing needs as the years go on.

Creating an Accessible Bathroom

As you consider an accessible bathroom remodel, it’s important to take a safety-first approach. Relocating a full-sized bathroom to the house’s first floor is a popular option for many homeowners who see stairs as a potential obstacle as they age.

One of our favorite adaptive elements in these remodels is the curbless shower that allows for a safe and easy transition. Paired with a custom bench seat and integrated grab bars, your shower space has the power to be both safe and sleek.

Other accessible elements we love adding to bathrooms include nonslip flooring, a lowered sink, ample lighting and lots of room to maneuver.

A Kitchen that Works for You

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to create a space that is easy to work in as you age. From lowering counters for wheelchair users to considering the size and placement of major appliances, there is so much you can do to design a kitchen you’ll love to cook in for years to come.

General Considerations

As you plan ahead, there are certain design elements that we recommend to make your home as safe, accessible and purposeful as possible. Open floor plans and transition-less flooring are always at the top of our list, along with extra lighting, wide doorways, and easy-to-access outdoor living areas. We also love the idea of moving the primary suite to the first floor to avoid stair hazards and creating a guest area for family and friends to stay long-term if needed.

Finally, we strongly believe that you never have to compromise on gorgeous design when remodeling your forever home into an accessible space. There are always beautiful alternatives available when it comes to adaptive elements, and our team will help you find them.

Are you ready to create a space you can age in gracefully? Get in touch today to find out how the Bailey Remodeling team can help!