6 Kitchen Design Trends You Need To Know

Kitchens are often the heart of the home where families gather throughout the day to share life together. Whether the conversations happen over a meal, homework, or a board game, they are moments to be cherished in a fast-paced world. With so much activity in one space, it’s smart to reevaluate how well the kitchen functions for your lifestyle. Do you have enough counter space? Is your pantry too dark and small? Are the appliances old and nearing the end? When these questions have mostly negative answers, you might be in the market for a kitchen upgrade.

Why ‘Design, Bid, Build’ process is not the best way to go

Check out this video of why the popular ‘Design, Bid, Build’ process is not the best way to go about a remodeling project. Brandon Bailey shares why the Bailey Remodeling method of ‘Design and Build’ is the most cost-effective, less frustrating, and smoothest option for starting a renovation.  To learn more about our processes CLICK HERE.

Now that you’re excited for a renovation, it’s time to discover your style! Our Interior Designer Amy put together 6 Kitchen Design Trends that are booming in today’s market.

Infusion Of Color In All White Kitchens

It’s time to think beyond “greige” and experiment with color! We do love the timelessness of gray undertones, but it’s thrilling to pair gray with rich tones of emerald, violet or sea green.

Black Stainless Appliances

Many homeowners love stainless steel, but large metal stainless steel appliances have the potential to be eyesores. Large manufacturers have begun rolling out black and slate stainless steel, and the consumers are loving it!

Chunkier Hardware Handles

Selecting hardware is a task that’s easily overlooked, but that impact these knobs and handles make on the overall look of a kitchen is powerful. Chunkier options are becoming more and more popular, as well as mixing the finishes.

Less Brushed Nickel, More “Soft Gold”

Imagine black stainless steel appliances with soft gold accents. It’s a design trend that continues to rise as people move away from silvery metal. Finishes like bronze, gold or copper are making their comeback!

Over-sized Pendants and Chandeliers

You don’t want a dark kitchen. Chandeliers and large pendants provide valuable lighting. We also enjoy going the extra mile with special feature lighting and cabinet lighting.

Large Plank Wood Look Ceramic Tile

Your kitchen floors will experience heavy use, so it’s smart to find a durable and practical product. Many of our clients enjoy the feel, style and cost of large plank wood look ceramic tile. Bonus, it’s versatile enough for a kitchen or a bathroom!

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