5 Ways to Create More Space in a Small Bathroom

If you’re looking into bathroom remodeling, there’s one thing to do if you have a small bathroom: create more space. A cluttered bathroom can throw off your home’s ambiance and limit its function. That’s why it’s important for any bathroom, no matter what size it is, to have enough room.

If you have a small bathroom, there are ways to create more space. Here are some of the most popular options to consider.

Use Shelving

One of the most effective ways to create more space in a small bathroom is to use shelving. Shelves add more storage space to your bathroom without taking up too much space on their own. Shelves also allow you to add more decor to your bathroom and make it feel cozier.

There are multiple shelving options to explore when doing a bathroom remodel that create more space. You could install floating shelves, over-the-toilet shelves, or even a stylish ladder shelving unit. No matter what you choose, make sure the shelving accents your bathroom’s design. You want them to flow in naturally with the bathroom, not clash.

Add Baskets To The Mix

Adding baskets can add more storage space to your bathroom and help you reduce clutter. There are multiple ways you can add baskets to your bathroom that make it look chic and well-maintained. You can install hanging baskets, put baskets on existing shelving, and even put baskets underneath the sink if you have room.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and want to use baskets for storage, make sure you let your contractor know. You can also let them know what kind of baskets you want to use for your bathroom so they can ensure they go along with the bathroom’s design.

Install Built-Ins

One of the best ways to create space in a small bathroom is to install built-ins. Built-ins are shelving units built into the wall. This creates a lot of space for storage, especially if the built-ins are deep. Built-ins can also add value to your home and become a huge success for your bathroom renovation.

Before you plan your bathroom remodel around these built-ins, make sure you talk to your remodeling company about whether or not this is doable for your bathroom. There may be some structural aspects that determine whether or not you can put built-ins in your bathroom. If you can install them, you can optimize the space by adding baskets and jars as storage containers for streamlined organization.

Put Storage In Your Tub

Something unique to consider in your bathroom remodel that adds storage space is putting storage in your tub. You can essentially add niches to the tub surround. This can help you save space in your bathroom and provide a convenient space to put bathroom items.

Bathroom renovations like this may need some customization, but it’s worth it to create an efficient bathroom. Built-ins in the tub can help you reduce clutter, make your bathroom look bigger, and give your bathroom a unique fixture.

Install Over-The-Door Storage

During your bathroom remodel, you can also look into over-the-door storage to create more space in your small bathroom. The bathroom door is there already, so you might as well use it to create more space. You can get storage shelves or baskets that hang over the door. You can store extra bathroom supplies or clean towels to free up other storage space in the bathroom.

When working on bathroom remodels, it’s also important to check that your windows and doors are in good shape. The U.S. Department of Energy states that air leaks around your windows and doors can add 10% to your heating bills. Have your bathroom remodeling company check the windows and doors while they’re working on the storage fixtures.

There are multiple ways you can create more space for a small bathroom. The key is to be efficient with your space and install fixtures that reduce clutter. These fixtures include shelves, built-ins, and other forms of storage like baskets. Remember to install fixtures that work best for your bathroom’s design and overall function. The better your storage fixture flow with your bathroom’s design, the better your bathroom’s overall look will be.